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What is the difference between MBA and PGDM program?

Published on: 22-SEP-2015

From the moment one gets out of the college one very intricate question worries and harries our new generation; PGDM or MBA? The purpose behind both these courses is to simply shape up once career. The difference is of course based on Degree and Diploma. The perplexity begins when you see the term Diploma. Numerous students are of the perspective that it is a Diploma course and not a Degree; you are right it is a Diploma.

Indian Management Education: History and the new edge!

Published on: 23-JAN-2015

India has been seen as the talent pool across the globe. It provides the required pool of knowledge and expertise to all the global companies. What it holds for the future, read and find out.

Career Opportunities & Basics of Retail Banking

Published on: 30-SEP-2014

Each year there are over lakhs of aspirants who try to be a part of the ever growing banking industry either through various professional courses such as MBA, PG Diploma in Banking or a Bank PO examination.

Newer Jobs, Questionable Talent

Published on: 30-SEP-2014

The banking industry creates about 50,000 jobs in India each year and with the economic environment conducive for opening of newer banks and old banks adding in more number of branches this number is set to cross the 15 Lacs mark in the next 5 – 10 years.

Tips to Beat Exam Blues

Published on: 04-NOV-2013

How can one beat the tension around when examinations are going on?

Career Prospects for Politically Conscious Minds

Published on: 21-JUN-2013

If you’re a student with politically conscious mind and seeking admission in undergraduate programs in DU then Political Science is the subject for you. Read more...

Top 10 MBA Specializations: Choices and options

Published on: 12-DEC-2012

Here are top 10 specializations that strike the chord in MBA. Read the full artcile to judge where do you fit.

MBA Teaching Job in School Of Management Sciences, May 2012

Published on: 18-APR-2012

Technical Campus of School Of Management Sciences in Lucknow has notified teaching jobs in management stream in different areas like Finance, Economics, statistics, General management, Marketing etc.

MBA Job in United Nations Children`s fund (UNICEF), May 2012

Published on: 18-APR-2012

A very attractive job opportunity for the position of Fundraising Officer with United Nations Children`s Fund (UNICEF) has been notified. An MBA Graduate with 2 years of exeprience is suitable for this position.

A Sporty Career: Sports as Profession

Published on: 13-OCT-2011

A career in sports industry as a sportsperson or even as a professional is an exciting option that not only offers good money but also fame and recognition

What are the current job vacancies available in MCD teacher?

Published on: 29-AUG-2011

Find information on subjects available and number of vacancies in Municipal Corporation of Delhi 2011

What is the eligibility criterion to become a teacher in Delhi?

Published on: 29-AUG-2011

What is the minimum qualification required to become a teacher in Municipal Corporation of Delhi?

How to become a teacher in Municipal Corporation of Delhi?

Published on: 29-AUG-2011

How can I become a teacher in Municipal Corporation of Delhi?

Programmes in wind energy

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

Students can get into different segments, such as, planning, maintanence, installation and commissioning operation. The future is bright and promising for this industry especially in windy states, such as, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra

Career in Music

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

Even though such a creative career drives on passion and talent, it is also important for aspirants to back themselves with a degree in music or creative arts. Interested students can pursue a degree course in music

Nuclear engineering from IITs

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

Nuclear engineering is studied as a specialisation and is offered at the postgraduate level. A sound foundation in mathematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and a keenness for research are necessary

Bachelor in education: Teach India to break the mould and fashion the leaders of tomorrow

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

The government is planning to spend about five per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the next five years. Pay scale for junior or assistant professors may start from Rs 20,000 and go up to Rs 30,000 per month

Foreign languages open up exciting career avenues

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

Foreign languages are a growing field. One reason for this can also be because of their near absence in the higher education system in the past. Now foreign languages help communicate with the world and are opening job avenues in different fields

MSc Audiology: Audiologists are in high demand as Indian healthcare sector witnesses a state of boom

Published on: 30-JUL-2011

According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020. This augmentation has paved the way for a basket of job opportunities in the medical industry

Financial Management

Financial Management in India: A career that creates and manages the moolah

Published on: 01-JUL-2011

A career in financial management is demanding and requires great deal of knowledge. Consequently, financial managers shape the growth trajectory of any company

career : dance expert

Choreograph your own career as a dance expert

Published on: 22-JUN-2011

With Sheela and Munni becoming the buzz of the town, a career in choreography is an enviable option that produces moolah. The fame and popularity associated are not bad either!

Bioengineering: A blend of engineering and biological sciences

Published on: 22-JUN-2011

Bioengineering is an emerging field that has tremendous scope not just for professionals but also for promoting sustainable development. The interdisciplinary science will provide career opportunities to thousands of talented individuals in the coming years

Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical Engineering: A flying career

Published on: 22-JUN-2011

Aeronautical engineering is a challenging and exciting branch of engineering. Give wings to your career as an aeronautical engineer

MBA in hospital administration: Managing the hospitals for better healthcare

Published on: 21-JUN-2011

Managing the hospitals for better healthcare: As good health becomes the top priority for the well-off Indians, there is high demand for professionals who can manage hospitals

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management: The job of managing the organization and its resources

Published on: 20-JUN-2011

HR management offers a unique career opportunity to manage the careers of people in the organisation. Effective HR policies play a crucial role in the development of a company as retaining talent is not an easy task

Top Institutes for Supply Chain Management

Published on: 17-JUN-2011

Lis of Top Institutes for Supply Chain Management : Supply Chain Management is offered in IIM Calcutta as also MDI Gurgaon. Unlike other fields of management, supply chain management requires a large amount of field work

What is Supply Chain Management? How can I make a Career in SCM?

Published on: 15-JUN-2011

Career in supply chain management: Most companies hire managers who can plan and execute processes, balance and synchronise supply with demand and enable profitable growth. They also look for those who have a strong penchant to work with data and information creatively

Interview Questions

Interview Questions List: Question regarding your skills

Published on: 27-APR-2011

Interview Tips.  Interview Questions regarding your skills.  Be prepared for your interview with these frequently asked interview questions.

career : industry and the company

How to decide upon a career, industry and the company?

Published on: 19-APR-2011

Our job plays a significant role in our lives. Choose your career keeping all the parameters in mind, from your personality traits to what you want from life

nuclear scientist

Who can become a nuclear scientist?

Published on: 19-APR-2011

Career in Nuclear Science.  Becoming a nuclear scientist.  It is not just about money or passion, only one who can absorb vast and intricate knowledge and communicate it in an efficient manner can become a nuclear scientist

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