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How to make the best use of next 100 days for CAT Preparation?

Published on: 21-AUG-2015

Ravi Handa is the founder of Handa ka Funda and has been giving coaching to CAT Aspirants for years. He shares his expertise and helps aspirants to prepare themselves for CAT Exam 2015 through this article.

How to avoid the biggest mistake that students make during CAT preparation?

Published on: 12-AUG-2015

Ravi Handa is the founder of Handa ka Funda and has been giving coaching to CAT Aspirants for years. He shares his expertise and helps aspirants to prepare themselves for CAT Exam 2015 through this article.

How to improve your accuracy in Reading Comprehension while preparing for CAT?

Published on: 03-AUG-2015

Ravi Handa is the founder of Handa ka Funda and has been giving coaching to CAT Aspirants for years. He shares his expertise and helps aspirants to prepare themselves for CAT Exam 2015 through this article.

Tips to Beat Exam Blues

Published on: 04-NOV-2013

How can one beat the tension around when examinations are going on?

Career Prospects for Politically Conscious Minds

Published on: 21-JUN-2013

If you’re a student with politically conscious mind and seeking admission in undergraduate programs in DU then Political Science is the subject for you. Read more...

Competitive Examinations—Your Path to a Successful Finish

Published on: 20-MAR-2013

Today competitive examinations have become tougher then what they used to be. With their changing examination patterns a modern approach of technique is required to achieve a good score, at the same time we cannot let go of the age old techniques that has proved to be so correct. Read on to know the most appropriate ways to give in your best at the next competitive examination…

Group Discussion-Your Guide to Leaving a Lasting Impression

Published on: 11-MAR-2013

Extra importance is being laid on group discussions or commonly referred to as GD rounds as it helps to judge the candidates communication skill. Group dissuasions are often confused with a debate but it is not so. Read on to know how to give in your best for the nest GD round…

Errors One Must Avoid During An Interview: Guide To A Promising Result

Published on: 19-FEB-2013

No one really likes to fight all the way up to only be rejected at the interview level. Your interview is going to be the final round to prove yourself to the supervisors whether your worth it or not and you just cannot afford to go wrong. So read on to know how to avoid some common mistakes…

The Right Approach To Interviews

Published on: 13-FEB-2013

With the written examination over and group discussion tackled, we then come to the most important part of the selection procedure, the interview. What makes an interview unique is the fact that it has no prescribed syllabus yet students need to know their subjects and appear for the interview. We have listed down a few basic guidelines that if followed could shower in the extra points…

Last Minute Preparations: Effective Revision Techniques

Published on: 08-FEB-2013

Success has transcended from being a rare aspect to a common sight and one must walk the extra mile to be noticed in today’s time. Here we have a few expert pointers on how one should brace himself before the examination to actually perform his best and leave no room for doubt…

Last Minute Preparations: Your Guide to a Healthy Mind

Published on: 07-FEB-2013

Your health is one of the most neglected aspects during the time of preparations. Students fail to understand the origin of their lack of concentration, but the solution is right under their nose; what they eat can actually lead to the body and brain being nourished well and their concentration and focus will definitely improve. Here is an article for you to actually practice a healthy lifestyle during the time of preparations…

Last Minute Preparations: Your Path to Success

Published on: 06-FEB-2013

It is that time of the year when studying takes a back seat and revision is on everyone’s mind. Here are a few last minute techniques to not only pull you through the crucial last days but also give you the much needed extra edge to  outshine yourself and your competitors...

CBSE Examinations- A Complete Guide to Better Results

Published on: 07-JAN-2013

Good results are not miraculously achieved but attained through hard work, dedication and right guidance. This article should be able to assist all CBSE aspirants the right guidance to achieve good results...

Stress and Ways to Handle it

Published on: 27-DEC-2012

We all want to be successful in life and the difference between those who are successful and the rest is not is not whether or not they suffer under stress but how one deals with stress is what determines their success. Read on for some effective methods to deal with stress…

How Explaining Others Can Help Us to Learn Better

Published on: 21-DEC-2012

Today we shall reveal to you, how explaining someone else helps us to learn better. It is more of a psychological process and requires in depth understanding. However this article has simplified the reason why you should explain others to score well…

Depression and How it Affects our Studies

Published on: 03-DEC-2012

Today, we learn to tackle depression. Studies have shown how depression can actually spoil a perfect study routine. Depression can hold you inches back from your goal. You now have the chance to know how depression can affect every individual studying and practice ways to overcome them…

Major internal distractions and their fixes to better education, Part-02

Published on: 26-NOV-2012

We have now moved on to the more intense internal factors apart from your brain that can cause hindrance to us putting our all in the preparations and you should more importantly through the fixes to eradicate such hurdles and stay focused…

Major external distractions and their fixes to better education, Part-01

Published on: 26-NOV-2012

There are various external and internal factors that play with our minds stripping us of concentration during our time of preparations. Here is a list of external factors and fixes to overcome such obstacles and have a controlled environment to benefit us while we study…

Importance of Nutrition and Sleep during our examinations

Published on: 22-NOV-2012

Today, we deal with aspects that indirectly but with equal importance affect our performance in any examination. Eating right and sleeping adequately are two most neglected aspects of our lifestyle when we start to study. This will guide you to eating right and getting your adequate sleep to perform your best...

Steps To Effective Studying

Published on: 30-OCT-2012

Today information is everything. It draws a line between the aware and the ignorant. Today knowledge expands more than text books and examinations; we use it to in our daily activities to live smarter and better lives hence it is important to be informed…

Guide To Smarter And Better Preparations

Published on: 20-OCT-2012

It is a common established fact that every individual is unique and thus no two people have the same methods of understanding a particular subject. However, there are certain techniques that apply to all providing good results. And not every subject we opt is so interesting that it can be termed as pleasure more than work, hence a set of guidelines need to be followed to make learning effective and interesting...

Secret Behind Better Grades

Published on: 20-OCT-2012

When one plans to start studying, most of us are faced with the same questions: Where do I start from? How do I start? When will I finish?….and these questions have no definitive answer but is directly proportionate to the amount of hard work u put in. this article should help you to maximize this hard work put in by you...

How To Study Effectively With Positive Results

Published on: 05-OCT-2012

The real purpose behind education and tests has been lost. Today education is only sought after for cracking an examination, very little of it is retained for after use. This guide will help you not only to do well in your preparation but also help you to improve you long term memory…

A Guide To Stress Free Exam Preparation

Published on: 28-SEP-2012

The time of examinations can be extremely pressurizing and challenging for students. And if they are not able to use the right resources with the right technique for their preparations a lot can go wrong. Hence, they should adhere to a few simple pointers to start off on the right track.

Relate the concept you study with a real life example to increase the ability to recall.

Published on: 07-SEP-2012

Cramming the concepts and definitions never help in long run. It is good to relate it to a real life scenario or at least learn it with an example. This increases the ability to recall.

Structure and organize all the information you want to learn and memorize.

Published on: 31-AUG-2012

Structure and organize all the information you wish to learn and memorize so that your brain makes a story out of it and remembers it.

Incorporate usage of pictures and images and relate it to the concept you are studying.

Published on: 22-AUG-2012

Incorporate usage of pictures and images and relate it to the concept you are studying. This will remove the abstractness of your ideas and will make the learning and memorization process easier.

Be Confident and enthusiastic about your preparation so that you can give your best in the Exam

Published on: 21-JUL-2012

Always be enthusiastic about your preparation because nervousness leads to your failure.


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