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UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam : Evolving Trend

Published on: 21-MAY-2016

UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam always surprises in one way or other to the candidates. Let us take a quick look on the evolving pattern and trend of IAS Prelims Questions and make our IAS Exam Preparation better

IAS Topper 2015 Siddharth Jain shares his IAS Exam Preparation Strategy

Published on: 20-MAY-2016

IAS Toppers Siddharth Jain welcomes the changes made in the IAS Exam Pattern by UPSC. He says the changes will bring out better results. In talks with us he shared his IAS Exam Preparation strategy.

UPSC Issued Cut Off of Civil Services (IAS) Final Result 2015; Candidates’ Marks to Available Soon

Published on: 11-MAY-2016

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the cut off mark list for Civil Services Examination (IAS) 2015 at the official site of UPSC at http://www.upsc.gov.in/.

Must do things after the UPSC IAS Notification and Form Filing

Published on: 02-MAY-2016

UPSC will issue the Civil Services and Indian Forest Services combined Notification on the 23 April 2016. Most of the candidates endlessly discuss about the Eligibility criteria, number of attempts, State Cadre preferences, Medium of Examination, Number of Posts in a particular Service and the like things.

UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Exam 2016 Notification: An Analysis

Published on: 29-APR-2016

IAS Exam Preparation start long before the UPSC release the Civil Services Notification. The IAS aspirants starts the IAS Exam preparation just after the IAS Main Exam because of the Mamoth Syllabus of IAS Exam. Civil Services Notification requires a deeper Anlaysis for the candidates.

What is the best way to prepare for UPSC IAS Examination 2016 ?

Published on: 28-APR-2016

Jagranjosh.com presents here is the most suitable strategy for the UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

Motivation during IAS Preparation

Published on: 29-JAN-2016

IAS Exam Preparation is a long process and it is very important to remain motivated during the IAS Exam Preparation. Here we suggest some of the best activities which will keep you motivated

How to prepare for the last attempt of IAS Exam

Published on: 29-JAN-2016

Last attempt of the IAS Exam is the most crucial thing in life. The candidates should follow the right approach and should work out on old mistakes.

IAS Exam: How to prepare Science and Tech

Published on: 27-JAN-2016

Mr. Ritesh Jaiswal, one of the authority in the Science and tech mentoring, provides the crucial points and inputs which can improve your IAS Exam Preparation Strategy

10 ways in which curiosity will help you crack IAS examination!

Published on: 08-JAN-2016

IAS examination is often termed as the unsurpassable mountain that requires years of preparations and studying. However, this very exam is cracked by a few talented IAS aspirants every year with the right motivation, preparation strategy and immense amount of hard work.

How to control emotions during the IAS Exam Preparation?

Published on: 08-JAN-2016

Many IAS aspirants are often heard uttering clichés like ‘IAS prep is a way of life’; it may sound like a line out of a film, but it is true to some extent.

Disadvantages of Internet for IAS Preparation

Published on: 08-JAN-2016

With the world moving towards digital mode, it is quite obvious that IAS aspirants who are preparing for the much coveted civil services examinations have also taken to the internet to supplement their efforts.

Interdisciplinary Approach pays dividend in the IAS Exam

Published on: 08-JAN-2016

When it comes to cracking the IAS examination, everyone has some of the other advice to the aspirants.

Importance of Previous Year Question Papers for IAS Preparation

Published on: 03-DEC-2015

No amount of study will help you understand and prepare for the kind of challenges that the IAS exam question paper will throw up. Only Previous year paper can guide well for the IAS Preparation

Quick Revision Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

Published on: 02-DEC-2015

Revision is the most important thing in the IAS Exam Preparation even the IAS Toppers also emphasis the importance of the Revision. How to revise effectively is a million dollar quesrion which is answered here

8 Healthy Food Habits for IAS Toppers!

Published on: 27-NOV-2015

Food habits can help to achieve better results from the IAS Exam Preparation.

7 Ways to beat Stress during IAS Preparation

Published on: 27-NOV-2015

Stress management is the key to succeed in the IAS Preparation

How to create an effective timetable for IAS Preparation?

Published on: 27-NOV-2015

Important Points to Follow in making Time Table

Important Terms of UPSC IAS Main Exam Papers

Published on: 15-OCT-2015

The Questions Paper of IAS Main Exam employs various terms in their questions. The candidates should understand the meaning of each and every term in its entirety so that they can write the answers with greater relevancy

How to Prepare Indian Economy and Social Development for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 25-SEP-2015

Economy is very scoring component of UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam Syllabus but it is little bit difficult to prepare the subject as it is very dynamic. To Solve this problem of the candidates we are providing the following video which explains all the aspects of preparing the Economy for the IAS Prelims Exam

How to Prepare Environment and Ecology for IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 24-SEP-2015

UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam is evolving in its orientation and the level of the questions asked.  After the combined Prelims Exam for Indian Forest Services and Civil Services, the questions from the Environment and Ecology is increasing. Here we are providing the strategy to prepare it.

How to Prepare Modern History for IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 23-SEP-2015

Modern History is an important component of the UPSC Civil Services Exam Syllabus as many questions appear from this section. AS per our analysis aprroximately 6-8 questions appears from Modern History in the IAS Prelims Exam 2015. Here we share the Strategy for the Modern History for the IAS Prelims Exam

How to Prepare Indian Polity and Governance for IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 22-SEP-2015

This Video explains the Strategy to Prepare the Indian Polity and Governance for the Civil Servil Services Exam. The video talks about the resources, Strategy, Revision Tips, Important Areas to Study and other important aspects

How to Prepare Geography for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 16-SEP-2015

Geography is one of the most scoring areas in the UPSC Civil Servces Prelims Exam. Each year at least 10-15 questions appears from Geography Subject. Here we present the video which explains all the know how of geography for the IAs Prelims Exam.

How to Prepare Current Affairs for the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

Published on: 16-SEP-2015

Current Affairs is one of the most important areas of study in IAS Prelims Exam. It works as a bridge which connects the news with the core issues. Let us see in the video that how it should be prepared, which sources are useful and the likes

On what issues should I focus for the IAS Preparation?

Published on: 07-SEP-2015

UPSC IAS Exam preparation is a balanced approach to the study of the subjects. It requires the study of the interrelations and the interdisciplinary approach to the issues of the nation. It involves a continuous evolution and continuous thinking. Some of the important areas are given in the present Article.

How many hours should one study to become IAS?

Published on: 04-SEP-2015

This is the first thing which pop up in the mind of the candidates. The candidates must focus on the quality time they spend but not on the number of hours they sit for the studies.

How many Books do I have to read for IAS Examination?

Published on: 02-SEP-2015

The answer to the most penetrating question in the mind of all the IAS aspirants about the books required to study for the IAS Exam Preparation.

Are there any short-cuts to become an IAS Officer?

Published on: 06-JUN-2015

Jagranjosh presents the answer of the most persistent question that constantly bothers the IAS Exam aspirants minds.

Why Political Science?

Published on: 09-FEB-2015

Conducted by Lovely Professional University, LPU NEST (National Eligibility and Scholarship Test) is an entrance exam for admissions to the University's Engineering/B.Tech Programmes.

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