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UPSC IAS EXAM : Nuclear Security Summit

Published on: 20-APR-2016

IAS Exam always ask the question on the issue of National and International Importance. Nuclear Security Summit was one such issue which will change and affect the interaction of Nuclear for Peaceful purpose among the countries.

Must do things after the UPSC IAS Notification and Form Filing

Published on: 19-APR-2016

UPSC will issue the Civil Services and Indian Forest Services combined Notification on the 23 April 2016. Most of the candidates endlessly discuss about the Eligibility criteria, number of attempts, State Cadre preferences, Medium of Examination, Number of Posts in a particular Service and the like things.

IAS Exam:Religious Liberty and Women Rights

Published on: 19-APR-2016

IAS Exam preparation serves as a turning point in the candidates life irrespective of his or her selection inthe Civil Services. IAS Preparation changes the life of the candidates his perspective and the outlook towards life. Rights,Lberty and Duties are the intertwined concepts and requires deeper understanding of their inter-relationship of all the three.

IAS Exam:Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan

Published on: 18-APR-2016

Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan will be a flagship program of the Government of India to propagate the information regarding the vaious goverment schemes for the farmers in the villages.

IAS Exam : Fourth Industrial Revolution: Impact and Implication

Published on: 18-APR-2016

Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it is, how to respond, has three things about the ongoing transformation and advancement mark it out as a new phase rather than a prolongation of the current revolution Scope, Velocity and Systems impact.

IAS Exam:Green Budgeting in India

Published on: 08-APR-2016

Green Budgeting is a relatively new concept in India and in the long term it will evole in a better way in considering all the aspects into the copmputing of Greem GDP.

IAS Topper Nishant Jain shares his IAS Prelims Exam Strategy

Published on: 01-APR-2016

Nishant Jain Rank 13, the IAS Topper in Hindi Medium, is a very down to earth person and believes in the hard work and gradual rise approach towards Life. He shares his strtegy for IAS Prelims Exam.

IAS Exam: Government Social Welfare Schemes

Published on: 15-MAR-2016

For the Civil Services aspirants, the knowledge of Social Welfare schemes and various Policies of the Central Government are very important for IAS Prelims as well as for IAS Mains Exam. Here, we have compiled such welfare schemes and policies of the government which are crucial for UPSC IAS Exam point of view

IAS Topper Munish Sharma shares his IAS Prelims Exam Strategy

Published on: 23-FEB-2016

For the aspirants of Civil Services, we have provided the transcript of Munish Sharma’s video, in which he shared his strategies taken during the IAS Prelims Exam preparation. Such tips and strategies are very important for the IAS aspirants which will help them to do preparation IAS Prelims Exam in right track:

IAS Topper Dr. Roman Saini shares his IAS Prelims Exam Strategy

Published on: 17-FEB-2016

Here, we have provided the transcript of Dr. Roman Saini’s video, who have cleared IAS Exam in the year 2013. His suggested tips and strategy may help aspiring candidates in their preparation of IAS Prelims Exam: 

IAS Topper Aditya Ranjan Shares his IAS Prelims Exam Strategy

Published on: 15-FEB-2016

For the aspirants of Civil Services, we have provided the transcript of Aditya Ranjan's video, in which he shared his strategies taken during the IAS Prelims Exam preparation. Such tips and strategies are very important for the IAS aspirants which will help them to do preparation IAS Prelims Exam in right track:


Published on: 12-FEB-2016

Mudra is one of the important component for the MSME Sector which can culminate into the success of Make in India Campaign.

IAS Exam 2016 : Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

Published on: 12-FEB-2016

Agriculture Schemes are the need of the Indian Economy to sustain the Irrigation schemes in Monsoon based Agriculture in India.


Published on: 12-FEB-2016

Indradhanush Scheme is for the Banking Reforms in India. Read it and other Bank Schemes for the Banking Reforms in India.


IAS Exam: 10 tips for IAS Interview preparation

Published on: 05-FEB-2016

The IAS aspirants are waiting for their IAS Mains Exam result but the aspirants who are expecting their name in the list of selected candidates already gearing up for the preparation of interview. Here, we have provided 10 very important tips and strategies for IAS Interview preparation an IAS aspirant should follow:

UPSC IAS Main Exam : GS Paper II: Diplomatic Immunity under Vienna Convention and Local Laws

Published on: 23-SEP-2015

UPSC Civil Services Exam always focus on the issues which are very important but remain in the background of the Current Events. Here we explain the Diplomatic immunity as ensaged under Vienna Convention

Ira Singhal UPSC IAS Topper 2014 Rank 1 talks with Jagranjosh.com

Published on: 10-JUL-2015

Ira Singhal, UPSC Civil Services Exam 2014 Topper, talks with Jagranjosh.com about his perspective towards life and society.


IAS Main 2014: Interview : Tips and Strategy

Published on: 13-APR-2015

The Article provide the important Tips for the IAS Interview.

IAS Main 2014 : Interview : About the Interview

Published on: 05-MAR-2015

This article talks about IAS Interview.

IAS Topper 2013 Varun Sharma shares his experience of IAS Interview

Published on: 10-SEP-2014

IAS Topper 2013 Varun Sharma(155th) in a Video Interview to Rachit Kumar Saxena of Jagranjosh.com and says that Jagranjosh.com helps the candidates

IAS Topper Munish Sharma

IAS Topper 2013 Munish Sharma: Jagranjosh.com is a Good Initiative

Published on: 11-JUL-2014

Munish Sharma in talks with Rachit Kumar Saxena shared his feelings after getting success and his strategy to achieve 2nd Rank in the IAS Exam 2013.

Rishav Gupta

IAS Topper 2013 Rishav Gupta: Internet is indispensible for the IAS Preparation

Published on: 05-JUL-2014

IAS Topper Rishav Gupta share his feelings and strategy for the candidates.

Nima Arora

IAS Topper 2013 Nima Arora: Internet is an important resource

Published on: 04-JUL-2014

Nima Arora has achieved 50th rank in the recently announced IAS 2013 Results.

IAS Topper 2013 Varun Sharma

IAS Topper 2013 Varun Sharma: Candidate must look at the IAS Section of Jagranjosh.com

Published on: 27-JUN-2014

Varun Sharma , a young boy from Bhopal has made it to the covenant civil services in his very first attempt.

Roman Saini IAS 2013 Topper

IAS Topper 2013 Roman Saini: Internet is the Best Source for IAS Preparation

Published on: 25-JUN-2014

IAS Exam 2013 Topper Roman Saini talks to Jagranjosh.com

IAS Main 2013: Interview:Tips

Published on: 26-MAR-2014

IAS Main (Written) Result declared on 12 March 2014.

IAS Main 2013 : Interview : Important Topics

Published on: 15-MAR-2014

Union Public Service Commission has announced the Result for IAS Main(Written) 2013

IAS Main 2013:Interview:How to Prepare

Published on: 07-FEB-2014

IAS 2013 Interviews will be conducted in March and April 2014.

IAS Topper 2012 Raghvendra Singh talks with Jagranjosh.com

Published on: 07-DEC-2013

IAS Topper 2012 12th Rank Raghvendra Singh talks to Jagranjosh.com

IAS Topper 2012 Priyanka Niranjan: Jagranjosh is very helpful at each step of exam preparation

Published on: 24-JUL-2013

IAS 2012 Topper 20th Rank- Priyanka Niranjan in an interview given to Kunal Jha of jagranjosh.com accepted the utility of Jagranjosh at each and every step of civil services preparation.

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