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5 ways you are wasting time without realizing

May 18, 2017 18:18 IST
5 ways you are wasting time without realizing
5 ways you are wasting time without realizing

College is that period of your life when you should be most present so that you can stay involved in various activities. However, most of the students make the mistake of wasting their time doing unproductive things which only exhaust them.

Has it ever happened to you that you have taken a five-minute study break and returned one hour later? If yes, welcome to the club. With availability of millions of distractions, we do not even realize how we are wasting our time and hence cannot work towards managing it.

We will discuss 7 ways in which students, flush their time and energy down the drain so that you can be warned against doing these activities.

Studying poorly

We set very high aims for ourselves when it comes to studying. In a bid to catch up with the syllabus, or like in a lot of cases, just to pass the next morning, we pull an all-nighter and try to study for long hours without taking any break. That is a bad practice because everyone has only limited concentration and if you feed information beyond a certain point it stops absorbing it. Also, make sure you have everything you will need while you are studying on the table. This way you will not waste time running from here to there.

How to avoid

It is advisable to take small and frequent breaks while studying so that you do not waste time by neither gathering information nor getting sleep.

Not using time between classes

There are a lot of instances when two lectures are hours apart and the students have no choice but to stay in the college because going out would mean they will not be able to return in time. The ones who live in in-campus hostel can always go back and take a nap or rest but the rest have to figure out a way to spend this free time. More often than not, they sit in the canteen chatting away with friends and waste precious time.

How to avoid
During this break, you can go to the library to reflect on the notes from previous class or maybe do some leisure reading if you are bored. While socializing is also very important, do not waste so much time talking with friends that you lose the will to go to next class. 

Social media

If you look around, everyone is on their phones almost literally all the time. We understand you want to know whether your classmate is enjoying her sister's wedding but is it really worth the twenty minutes of binge surfing you will do after that? In a latest research it was calculated average time a person spends per day on major social media handles. It said that we spend 40 minutes each day on YouTube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram and  projected those figures out over a lifetime, arriving at a total of five years and four months. So you will spend precisely half a decade of your life on social media alone. Scary, isn't it?

How to avoid

Social media has become a necessity in today's times so we won't ask you to uninstall the apps but keep a check on the time you are spending on the internet. If you have been online for 15 minutes and not done anything except checking memes, does it make sense? Avoid that by reminding yourself about other important things which you need to do.

Doing unnecessary work/reading

Students usually spend a lot of their time doing things they can easily avoid. For example, reading stuff which is obviously not important without giving a thought. Just because the professor wrote something in a different font in the presentation, doesn't mean it is important. Look at the question papers of previous years for better understanding of the course.

How to avoid

Know what is important and prioritize your readings based on how necessary they for the exam point of view. You can always read other things later when you have free time.

Not paying attention to small details
Students spend a lot of time doing assignments but tend to be careless about small requirements which were asked of them. For example, if you write a 100 marks assignment in 10 hours and end up having 10 marks deducted for wrong font, a small amount of the time you spent writing gets wasted.

How to avoid

Pay attention in class and read the assignment requirements very properly. Get the assignment proof-read by someone to have second opinion about the quality and prune out silly mistakes.

With these tips we hope you will be able to make better use of your time. At least you will know when and where you are wasting it for better management in future. You are going to be very busy in college for understandable reasons, try not to tire yourself due to avoidable activities.

You can find such interesting study tips and latest college news here.

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