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General Knowledge (GK) Quiz: India Questions & Answers


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GK Quiz India
GK Quiz India

GK Quiz on India

Test your general knowledge about India with our question and answers to help you prepare for any competitive exam.  The answers to the GK questions are provided below.

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1. The following countries have a border with India to the North West:

a.    Afganistan
b.    Pakistan
c.    China
d.    Bhutan

2. Which state in India has the highest literacy rate:
a.    Tamil Nadu
b.    Kerala
c.    Mizoram
d.    Lakshadweep

3. What is the ratio of the width of the Indian Flag to the its Length:
a.    1:1
b.    2:3
c.    4:2
d.    2:4

4. The song Jana-gana-Mana was originally composed in:

a.    Bengali
b.    Hindi
c.    Urdu
d.    Sanskrit

5. The song Vande Mantaram was composed by:

a.    Rabindranath Tagore
b.    Bankimchandra Chatterjic.   

6. The National Animal of India is the :
a.    Tiger
b.    Lion
c.    Peacock
d.    Leopard

7. The National Tree of India is the:
a.    Neem Tree
b.    Lotus Tree
c.    Banyan Tree
d.    Mango Tree

8. The National Fruit of India is the

a.    Mango
b.    Lotus Fruit
c.    Gauva
d.    Papaya

9. The constitution of India was adopted on :
a.    1947
b.    1948
c.    1949
d.    1950

10. The following is a true statement in 2011:
a.    India comprises of  28 states and 6 Union Territories
b.    India comprises of 28 states and 5 Union Territories
c.    India comprises of 28 states and 7 Union Territories
d.    Indian comprises of 28 states and 8 Union Territories

11. The contribution of agriculture to the GDP of India is roughly:
a.    30%
b.    33%
c.    40%
d.    45%

12. The population of India according to the Census of 2001 is:

a.    9,038 Million
b.    1,028 Million
c.    1,052 Million
d.    1.074 Million


1. A & B
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. C
10. C
11. B
12. B

By:aaradhya | On:07-MAY-2015 14:52:41

it is very simple question I m senior it is like a jonior

By:aruna | On:27-FEB-2015 17:04:15


By:rohit | On:19-FEB-2015 21:19:29

this question is very simple.

By:HSrividya | On:27-NOV-2014 10:55:51

need GK questions in india level

By:Alokik tewari | On:26-NOV-2014 19:52:28

The Questionnare is really very simple and I like it yeh for small children.

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