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CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2013


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Are you prepared for the English Language and Literature Paper for 2013 CBSE board examination!!!

Then test your preparations here by solving English Language and Literature Sample Paper CBSE 2013, given here

Q 15 Answer any three of the following questions in 30-40 words each.

1. What is the story about the Kodavu peoples‟ descent?

2. Why was the Otter named Maxwell‟s Otter?

3. What was Valli‟s deepest desire?

4. What are the legends related to the discovery of tea?

To get complete sample paper Click Here

By:Vku sharma | On:01-FEB-2014 20:57:18


By:camling shreshta | On:06-SEP-2013 21:41:33

i think so..its not too bad..

By:rizwan | On:11-MAY-2013 20:05:58

i like ur web site

By:ahrartanweer | On:18-FEB-2013 12:35:16

i am enjoying

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