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CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question Paper 2013 Set-1


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Some sample questions from CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question Paper (Set-1) are given here

Q. Two coins are tossed simultaneously. Find the probability of getting at least one head.

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Q. The length of the minute hand of a clock is 14 cm. Find the area swept by the minute band in 5 minutes.

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Q. For what values of k. are the roots of the quadratic equation

(k + 4) x2 + (k + 1) x + 1 = 0 equal ?

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Q. The 19th term of an AP is equal to three times its sixth term. If ii term is 19, find the AP.

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Q. Draw a pair of tangents to a circle of radius 4 cm. Which are incline to each other at an angle of 60%?

Q. While boarding an areoplane, a passenger got hurt. The pilot showing promptness and concern, made arrangements to hospitalise the injured and so the plane started late by 30 minutes. To reach the destination, 1500 km away, in time, the pilot increased the speed by 100 km/hour. Find the original speed/hour of the plane. Do you appreciate the value shown by the pilot, namely, promptness in providing help to the injured and this effort to reach in time?

Q. A contsiner open at the top and made up of metal sheet is the form of a frustum of a cone of height 16 cm with diameters of its lower and upper ends as 16 cm and 40 cm respectively. Find the cost of metal sheet used the container, if it coast Rs 10 per 100cm2

To Get The Complete Question Paper, Click Here

By:shrinky | On:13-MAY-2014 16:53:23

please dont waste ur time in aploading question papers without answers

By:ajay sharma | On:01-MAR-2014 16:54:33


By:pradhyumna | On:28-FEB-2014 11:46:40

please send me maths question paper of year 2013 cbse board exams set 1 with solution of class 10th

By:anny | On:12-FEB-2014 22:37:07

i ws nt searchin 4 these 2-3 questions . wat i actually searched .......i did nt get.

By:Krishnendu Jana | On:11-FEB-2014 16:09:06

Please send to me with answer

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