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CBSE Class 10th Science question paper 2012 Set 1


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Solve Science Question Paper (Set-1) CBSE 2012, given here.

1. Write the name and formula of the second member of the carbon compounds having functional group -OH.

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2. State one function of iris in human eye.

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3. What happens when higher energy ultraviolet radiations act on the oxygen at the higher level of the atmosphere

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4. In a food chain, if 10,000 joules of energy is available to the producer, how much energy will be available to the secondary consumer to transfer it to the tertiary consumer?

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5. Name an organism which reproduces by spore formation. List three conditions favourable for spores to germinate and grow.

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By:nabi khan | On:08-MAR-2014 11:25:53

i know that answer

By:jerry thomas | On:04-JAN-2014 17:00:59

Yes ples

By:mayank | On:12-AUG-2013 06:15:47


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