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CBSE Class 10th Science question paper 2012 Set-2


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Solve Science Question Paper (Set-2) CBSE 2012, given here.

1. Nume the functional group present in each of the following organic compounds:
(i) C21lsC1 (ii) C2H5OH

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2. What will be the colour of the sky when it is observed from a place in the absence of any atmosphere’?

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3. Which class of chemicals is linked to the decrease in the amount of c7one in the upper atmosphere of the earth?

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4. Bacteria and fungi are called decomposers. Why?

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5. How cam the valency of an clement be determined if its electronic configuration is known? what will be the valency of an clement of atomic number 9 (nine)?

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By:manvika | On:19-FEB-2015 07:05:19

Plzzzzz let us downloaf the papers too ...not only take the print out

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