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CBSE Class 10th Science Question Paper 2013 Set-1


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Some sample questions from CBSE Class 10th Science Question Paper (Set-1) are given here

Q. State modem periodic law or classification of elements.

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Q. No two individuals are absolutely alike in a population. why?

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Q. Give one example each from your daily liie where the household waste can be effectively reused and recycled respectively.

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Q. State the importance of chromosomal difference between sperms and eggs of humans.

Q. “A concave mirror of focal length V can form a magnified erect as well as an inverted image of an object placed in front of it.” Justify this statement stating the position of the object with respect to the mirror in each case for obtaining these images.

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Q. Write the harmful effects of using plastic bags. on the environment. Suggest alternatives to plastic bags.

Q. Why is sustainable management of natural resources necessary? Which one out of’ reuse and recycle would you suggest to practice and why?

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cbse q and a half yearly 2013 science


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