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CBSE Class 10th Science Sample Paper 2012


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Test your self by solving Science Sample Paper CBSE 2012, given here.

1.What is the effect of an increase in temperature on tile rate of a chemical reaction?
2. Name any two isotopes which readily undergo nuclear fission.
3. Name tile functional groups present in
(a) CH3 COOH
(b) CH3 CO CH,
4. Why does it take longer to burn wet wood?

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By:ANURAG MISHRA | On:06-AUG-2013 22:03:43

very nice

By:ricky | On:17-FEB-2013 15:44:36

can you send me all the sample papers of class 10 sub::::::: math science s.s eng comp & odiya

By:waseem | On:14-DEC-2012 15:10:26

waseem gas chahay mujay

By:Gigi Varghese | On:17-OCT-2012 11:08:37

Please send all class X question papers

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