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CBSE Class 10th Social Science Question Paper 2013 (Set 2)


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Some sample questions from CBSE Class 10th Social Science Question Paper (Set-2) are given here

Q1. Democracies are different from one another in terms of which one of the following ?
(A) Culture
(B) Social sjtuations
(C) Economic activities
(D) AU the aheve

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Q2.Which of the  following is the credit for rich urban households?
(A) Money - lenders
(B) Businessmen
(C) Banks
(D) Self-Help Groups

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Q3.Which one of the following was the main aim to form world trade organization ?
(A) To liberalise international trade
(B) To promote trade of rich countries
(C) To plionulte trade of poor 'countries
(D) To 'promote biliateral trade

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Q4. Hallmark is the certfication maintained for standardisation for which one of the following ?
(A) Jewellery
(B) Electrical Goods
(C) Edible oil
(D) Refrigeration

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Q5. The Artisans, industrial workers and peasants revolted against which one of the following in 1848 eurpoe ?
(A) Economic Hardship
(B) Political Unstability
(C) Monarchy
(D) Revolutionary War

Q6. Which one of the following was the  main reason to withdraw Non- cooperation movement ?
(A) Movement turning voilent
(B) Leaders were tired
(C) Satyagrahis needed to be trained
(D) All the above

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By:raji | On:16-DEC-2013 10:39:01

ask difficult question

By:after | On:27-OCT-2013 21:45:33

just i revise Paper

By:dilip kumar | On:18-OCT-2013 20:50:48

math question paper and india clachar sir plz phale agar fis bata dena

By:sunil | On:16-SEP-2013 21:17:34

Give me the 1o sample paper

By:anand singhal | On:31-AUG-2013 19:32:42

sample paper of class 10 of SA1

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