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CBSE Class 12 functional english Question Paper 2011 (Set 1)


Solve 2011 CBSE : functional english question paper Set 1

3. You are Kamal/Kavya, the Sports Secretary ,of the school. Write a notice in 50 - 80 words for your school notice board, informing the students about a camp for training students in yoga. 5

4. You are Sonam/Sohil, living at 36, Vas ant Vihar, New Delhi, You want to use your summer vacation to gain firsthand experience as an office assistant in a shopping mall. Write an application for the post of an office assistant giving your complete bio-data to the Manager, Crown Plaza, B.C., Part I, New Delhi. 10

CBSE Class 12 functional english Question Paper 2011 (Set 1)

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