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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Sample Paper 2013


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Are you prepared for the Mathematics Paper for 2013 CBSE board examination!!!

Then test your preparations here by solving Mathematics Sample Paper CBSE 2013, given here


1. Relations and Functions :

Types of relations: reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations. One to one and onto functions, composite functions, inverse of a function. Binary operations.

2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions:
Definition, range, domain, principal value branches. Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions. Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions.

To get complete sample paper Click Here

By:ajay | On:28-DEC-2013 12:29:50

Sir i want to have a look at the last five years maths question papers and solutions .

By:Pooja | On:22-DEC-2013 11:32:26


By:rahul gupta | On:01-DEC-2013 14:56:43

sir i want solve a sampale paper

By:dhruv chaudhary | On:16-NOV-2013 12:54:04

plz send 12th class maths sample paper for 2014

By:alok baloni | On:07-NOV-2013 22:05:07

sir what will I will do when passed class12th science(math) stream...

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