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CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2013


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Are you prepared for the Physics Paper for 2013 CBSE board examination!!!

Then test your preparations here by solving Physics Sample Paper CBSE 2013, given here

Unit II: Current Electricity

Electric current, flow of electric charges in a metallic conductor, drift velocity, mobility and their relation with electric current; Ohm’s law, electrical

resistance, V-I characteristics (linear and non-linear), electrical energy and power, electrical resistivity and conductivity. Carbon resistors, colour

code for carbon resistors; series and parallel combinations of resistors; temperature dependence of resistance.Internal resistance of a cell, potential

difference and emf of a cell, combination of cells in series and in parallel. Kirchhoff’s laws and simple applications. Wheatstone bridge, metre

bridge.Potentiometer - principle and its applications to measure potential difference and for comparing emf of two cells; measurement of internal resistance of a cell.

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By:Ashok kumar | On:11-JAN-2015 17:16:40

want sample paper for study

By:gokul nathan | On:12-JUN-2014 21:34:48

plz tell past 5 question paper I am weak in physics

By:mahender kundu | On:28-APR-2014 16:00:48

pl give me importtent question

By:sanjeev kumar | On:04-APR-2014 23:21:45

I need an tip for physics,chemistry, mathematics paper and computer science and pls send me last 10 yrs solve ques paper and sir pls send my email ID

By:Mulenga John | On:04-APR-2014 20:15:08

send me question passed paper for biology 5past years and chemestry include phisiks thanks

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