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CBSE CLASS 12th Economics Sample Paper 2013


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Are you prepared for the Economics Paper for 2013 CBSE board examination!!!

Then test your preparations here by solving Economics Sample Paper CBSE 2013, given here

Unit 2: Consumer Equilibrium and Demand

Consumer's equilibrium – meaning of utility, marginal utility, law of diminishing marginal utility, conditions of consumer's equilibrium using marginal utilityanalysis.

Indifference curve analysis of consumer's equilibrium-the consumer's budget (budget set and budget line), preferences of the consumer (indifference curve, indifference map) and conditions of consumer's equilibrium.

Demand, market demand, determinants of demand, demand schedule, demand curve, movement along and shifts in the demand curve; price elasticity of demand - factors affecting price elasticity of demand;measurenment of price elasticity of demand – (a) percentage-change method and (b) geometric method (linear demand curve); relationship betweenprice elasticity of demand and total expenditure.

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By:Monalisa jana | On:17-FEB-2014 13:32:13

nice and effective

By:RHAUL | On:28-DEC-2013 14:40:25

nice subbject

By:akash verma | On:03-DEC-2013 11:50:48


By:supriya | On:02-DEC-2013 20:06:14

cbse economics sample paper class 12th

By:ratna | On:27-FEB-2013 17:03:34

can i got accountancy sample paper from here

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