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CBSE Class 12th English Core question paper 2012 Set-2


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Solve 2012 CBSE-English Crore Question Paper (Set-2) given here.

3. Your school has planned an excursion to Lonavala near Mumbai during the autumn holidays. Write a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board, giving detailed information and inviting the names of those who are desirous to join. Sign as Naresh/Namita, Head Boy/Head Girl, D.V. English School, Thane, Mumbai.

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9. How are the attitudes of the ironmaster and his daughter different ? Support youranswer from the text.

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10. How did the Tiger King stand in danger of losing his Kingdom ? How was he abletn ‘tort the rinnyr 9

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how i prepare for 12th english exam37.228.111.37 Give some tips

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question paper

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