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CBSE Class 12th Mathematics question paper 2012 Set-1


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Solve 2012 CBSE-Mathematics Question Paper (Set-1) given here.

2. Find the principal valueof tan-1 - sec-1 (-2)

10. find the distance of the plane 3x - 4y + 12z = 3 from the origin.

16. A ladder 5 m long is leaning against a wall. The bottom of the ladder is pulled along the ground, away from the wafl, at the rate of 2 cm/s. How fast is its height on the wall decreasing when the foot or the ladder is 4 m away from the wall?

18. Form the differential equation of the a of circles in the second quadrant and touching the coordinate axes.

To get complete question paper Click Here

By:Himanshu sharma | On:10-MAR-2015 05:26:45

Send me mathmatics question paper solved last 5 year

By:Haribandhu Khamari | On:03-MAR-2015 16:24:02

kindly send last 5 years solved questions answers for cbse exam.

By:rahul | On:17-FEB-2014 00:07:26


By:kuldeep singh | On:10-DEC-2013 16:59:46

very helpful

By:palaktripathi | On:10-JUL-2013 16:11:47

please send me compartment question paper of last year

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