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CBSE Class 12th Physics Question Paper 2013 Set-1


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Some sample questions from CBSE Class 12th Physics Question Paper (Set-1) are given here

Q. Two charges of magnitudes - 2Q and + Q are located at points (a, 0) and (4a, 0) respectively. what is the electric flux due to these charges through a sphere of radius ‘3a’ with its centre at the origin?

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Q. Two identical cells, each of emf E, having negligible internal resistance, are connected in parallel with each other across an external resistance R. What i the current through this resistance?

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Q. The motion of copper plate is damped when it is allowed to oscillate between the two poles of a magnet. what is the cause of this damping

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Q. Define the activity of a given radioactive substance. write its SI. unit.

Q. Welders wear special goggles or face masks with glass windows to protect their eyes from electromagnetic radiations. Name the radiations and write the range of their frequency.

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Q. Write the expression for the de Brogue wavelength associated with a charged particle having charge 'q' and mass 'm' when it is accelerated by a potential.

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Q. Draw typical output characteristics  of an n-p-n transistor in CE configuration. show bow these characteristics can be used to determine output resistance.

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By:Amandeep Singh | On:22-FEB-2014 02:04:21

Dear, Sir/Mam I requested you that please send me the guess paper of physics +2(cbse) or some important topic for 2014 exams. Atleast to get 23 marks.

By:PRASHANT DUBEY | On:07-FEB-2014 23:34:41


By:dudu | On:06-JAN-2014 04:04:36

I fail what i do help help i die suicide might kill kill jk :P

By:suman | On:24-DEC-2013 20:01:30

kindly upload class 12 question paper of physics for 2013

By:Dhirendra Jatva | On:26-OCT-2013 01:38:05

I want all Subject exam papers....

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