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Communication systems (part-1)


Communication systems (part-1)
Communication systems (part-1)

What are the elements of Communication systems? How message is transferred from source to user? What is Transmitter? What is receiver? What is Transducer? What is the importance of the chapter Communication systems? Why do we study the chapter Communication systems? How many marks are carried by the chapter Communication systems in class 12 board examinations?

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There are three basic elements of a communication system. The transmitter is located at one place and receiver is located at another place. The space between the transmitters is called channel. Communication can be through space or line or anything. Information comes through source. The message signal is sent to the user on the other side. Transmitter is an arrangement that converts the message signal to form suitable for transmission and then transmits through the suitable communication channel. Receiver is an arrangement that converts the signal to reproduce it in suitable form. Transducer converts the message signal which is in the form of voice into electrical signal. The process converting these signals is called modulation.

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