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Computer General knowledge Quiz

Aug 5, 2016 14:35 IST

As we are aware that the present era is decicated to the information technology. This is the reason that every department of the government needs only those workers who have sound knowledge of computer. That is why questions based on the computer are asked in every exam. Here we are giving you a set of 10 questions.

1. IC chips used in computers are usually made of

(a) Lead
(b) Silicon
(c) Chromium
(d) Gold

The Correct option is – (b) Silicon

2. One kilobyte is equal to

(a) 1000 bytes
(b) 100 bytes
(c) 1024 bytes
(d) 1023 bytes

The Correct option is – (c) 1024 bytes

3. Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?

(a) Windows 98
(b) BSD Unix
(c) Microsoft Office XP
(d) Red Hat Linux

The Correct option is – (c) Microsoft Office XP

4. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

(a) Param
(b) Super 301
(c) Compaq Presario

The Correct option is – (a) Param

5. One Gigabyte is Approximately equal is

(a) 1000,000 bytes
(b) 1000,000,000 bytes
(c) 1000,000,000,000 bytes
(d) None of these

The Correct option is – (b) 1000,000,000 bytes

6. Check the odd term out

(a) Internet
(b) Linux
(c) Unix
(d) Windows

The Correct option is – (a) Internet

7. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are

(a) Syntax error
(b) Symantic error
(c) Logical error
(d) Internal error

The Correct option is-  (a) Syntax error

8. What is the control unit's function in the CPU?

(a) To transfer data to primary storage .
(b) To store program instructions.
(c) To perform logic functions.
(d) To decode program instructions.

The Correct option is – (c) To perform logic functions.

9. What is the best way to have a data and the slide number appear on every slide?

(a) choose Tools, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(b) choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(c) choose View, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(d) choose File, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.

The Correct option is – (b) choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.

10. What do you use to create a chart?

(a) Pie Wizard
(b) Excel Wizard
(c) Data Wizard
(d) Chart Wizard

The Correct option is – (d) Chart Wizard

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well it could be a huge site i m impressed with this qus.........................................


plz send me general question of computer

Sumit Dhariyal,

Awesome questions for preparation of exams .But these should be at least 40 question in one article.....

Arnab Pal,

In question 8 the question is what is the function of control unit in cpu. Its answer should be d.) decode program instructions not c.) to perform logic functions as logical functions are done by Logical Unit of ALU. CU directs all the arithmetic and logic instructions to ALU after decoding the instructions. Please make the desired correction.


plz end me the programming question in c




sir please send me the recent placement paper for technical support engineer for HP recuritment


send in company interview for cse engineering


Pliz send me general knowleadge questions in C language

ashivan ram,

pliz send me general knowledge questions on computer studies for Year 13 students

pooja sharma,

sir plz send me the latest question asked for computer in ibps entrance exam....

md ali,

this is very good side for competition exam like ibps and sedcl rail etc.


very nice site for who want more information about computer

pradeep suthar,

what is computer technology

amit pasari,

sir i want only gk question of computers...pls tell the site


All Qtns Is so goods


very helpful .i need some more questions.


very nice i need some more quiz questions

sangeet kumar,

Is my answer right?


i am very well taking answer


I know all of these except 2 questions


i like it


i like quiz


please give questions

Bharat Pratap,

thanx this would help me in practice of my up coming gk olympiad. very very very very very very very helpful lol!

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