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Daily General Knowledge Quiz: March 23, 2011 GK Questions & Answers


Daily General Knowledge Quiz: March 23, 2011 GK Questions & Answers
Daily General Knowledge Quiz: March 23, 2011 GK Questions & Answers

Dialy General Knowledge Quiz:  March 23 2011

General Awareness, GK Knowledge       Diifficulty:  Easy

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Questions and Answers Below

1.    Which continent has the highest number of countries?
a.    Africa
b.    Europe
c.    Asia
d.    South America

2.    The League of Nations is the predecessor of what organization?
a.    The Arab League
b.    The United Nations
c.    European Union
d.    Group of Eight

3.    What is the name of science through which you can modify the characteristics of an organism by modifying its DNA?
a.    Chemistry
b.    Genetic Engineering
c.    Biology
d.    Organic Science

4.    What is the World’s largest island?
a.    Japan
b.    Singapore
c.    Hawaii
d.    Greenland

5.    What was the basis of the National Calendar of India?
a.    Gregorian Calenda
b.    Saka Era
c.    Moghul Era
d.    None of the above

6.    In what year was Shah Jahan proclaimed as emperor?
a.    1627
b.    1628
c.    1631
d.    1636

7.    Which is the Indian state with the second highest literacy rate?
a.    Lakshadweep
b.    Goa
c.    Kerala
d.    Mizoram

8.    What is the unit of Radiation Dosage?
a.    Gy
b.    RDy
c.    RCy
d.    Ry

9.    Who is currently the First lady of America?
a.    Saran Palin
b.    Hillary Clinton
c.    Michelle Obama
d.    Condalisa Rice

10.     When was the first Nobel prize awarded?
a.    1890
b.    1896
c.    1901
d.    1969


General Knowledge Quiz Answers

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. B
7. D
8. A
9. C
10. C

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