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General English Sample Questions for SSC Graduate Level Exam-2011|3


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Directions (1-5): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentence.

1. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage

(a) Compositor
(b) Stoker
(c) Stowaway
(d) Shipwright   

The Correct option is – (c) Stowaway

2. Clines available at a scene

(a) circumstantial
(b) derivative
(c) inferential
(d) suggestive

The Correct option is – (a) circumstantial

3. An unexpected piece of good fortune

(a) windfall
(b) philanthropy
(c) benevolence
(d) turnstile

The Correct option is – (a) windfall

4. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary

(a) Honorarium
(b) Sinecure
(c) Perquisite
(d) Prerogative

The Correct option is – (a) Honorarium

5. The animals of a particular region

(a) Flora
(b) Museum
(c) Zoo
(d) Fauna

The Correct option is – (d) Fauna

Directions (6-10): In the following questions, groups of four words are given. In each group, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

6. (a) parapharnelia
    (b) parsimonious
    (c) peccadilo
    (d) peadiatrics

The Correct option is – (b) parsimonious

7. (a) measureable
    (b) manageable
    (c) marriagable
    (d) manoevrable

The Correct option is – (b) manageable

8. (a) tussel
    (b) tunnle
    (c) tumble
    (d) trable

The Correct option is – (c) tumble

9. (a) populus
    (b) pompuous
    (c) prelious
    (d) presumptuous

The Correct option is – (d) presumptuous

10. (a) impromptue
      (b) illustrious
      (c) illusery
      (d) impetous

The Correct option is – (c) illusery

By:Kuldeep | On:31-MAR-2014 17:23:37

Answer for Question 4 is Perquisite - something you will get only on account of ur job or position, like getting yearly free gift vouchers or tour packages or free calls on phone.

By:rand | On:09-MAR-2014 20:20:59

The answer for (10th) question is B. The correct spelling is Illusory

By:savitha | On:06-DEC-2013 18:04:29


By:savitha | On:06-DEC-2013 18:03:44

please send the details in the mail id

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