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General Intelligence Sample Questions for SSC Graduate Level Exam 2011| 2


Directions (1-7): In each of the following questions field the odd word/letters/number/fig e from the given responses.

1. (a) Room
    (b) Chamber
    (c) Veranda
    (d) Cabin

The Correct option is – (C) Veranda

2. (a) Mouth Organ
    (b) Electric Guitar
    (c) Keyboard
    (d) Sonata

The Correct option is – (d) Sonata

3. (a) A
    (b) 1
    (c) D
    (d) E

The Correct option is – (b) 1

4. (a) RNMP
    (b) JFEH’
    (c) RPOQ
    (d) HDCF

The Correct option is – (b) JFEH’

5. (a) AbcdE
    (b) IfghO
    (c) ApqrL
    (d) UImnE

The Correct option is – (C) Apqrl

6. (a) 6243
    (b) 2643
    (c) 8465
    (d) 4867

The Correct option is – (d) 4867

7. (a) 49 – 33
    (b) 62 – 46
    (c) 83 – 67
    (d) 70 – 55

The Correct option is – (d) 70-55

8. From amongst the given alternatives, select the one in which the set of numbers is most like the set of numbers given below:

(6, 14,30)

(a) 4, 16, 28
(b) 7, 12, 22
(c) 6, 12, 22
(d) 5, 12, 20

The Correct option is - (b) 7, 12, 22

9. Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words ? A.Family B. Community C. Member D. Locality E. Country

(a) C, A, D, B, E
(b) C, A, B, D, E
(c) C, A, B, E, D
(d) C, A, D, E, B

The Correct option is - (b) C, A, B, D, E

10. Arrange the following words ac-cording to the dictionary:


(a) B, E, C, A, D
(b) B, E, C, D, A
(c) B, C, E, A, D
(d) B, C, E, D, A

The Correct option is –(c) B, C, E, A, D

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Abdul Qahar,

very nice questions


very nice

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It is more helpful for all competitive students

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very good collection .


its really good

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