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General Knowledge Science Interactive Quiz Set - 1


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Science is termed as a body of information itself, of the form that can be judiciously elucidated and consistently applied.


Science is a methodical endeavor that constructs and systematizes knowledge in form of testable elucidations and forecasts about the world.


One who practices Science is acknowledged as a scientist. Since conventional relic, science as a type of awareness has been directly associated to philosophy.


In contemporary usage, Science refers to a way of hunting knowledge. It is also frequently constrained to those twigs of erudition that seek to elucidate the occurrence of the material life.

By:priya kumari | On:12-DEC-2013 10:53:31

very good

By:Anil kumar | On:18-NOV-2013 20:14:48

Very gud in G.k

By:jeevanandam | On:05-NOV-2013 22:22:40

its cool

By:pavanasa kumar | On:17-OCT-2013 20:59:51

awesome and very easy (100%)

By:kishan | On:02-OCT-2013 12:55:20

I got 100% in GK. And it is useful for further contests.

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