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Guess paper for CBSE Class 12 Physics 2013 Set-1


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CBSE Physics Set- I Guess Paper 2013, given here.

1. Find ratio of energies of photons produced due to transition of an 'e' of H - atom form it’s second energy level to first level.

2. How the angular separation of interferences fringes in young would’s double slit experiment changes if distance between the slit and screen doubled.

3. Draw a graph to show the variation of impact parameter (in alpha particle cattering) with scattering angle Ѳ.

4. A converging lens is kept coaxially in contact with a diverging lens both lenses being of equal focal length. What is the focal length of combination?

5. Two conducting wires X and Y of same diameter but different material are joined in series across the battery. If the number density of electron in X is twice that in Y, fined ratio of drift velocity of electron in two wires.

6. The mean life of radioactive sample is Tm, what is the time in which 50% of sample would get decayed.

7. Name the part of electro-magnetic spectrum whose wave length lies in range of 10-10 m.

8. Name and arrange the electromagnetic wave in increasing order used in ( A) cancer treatment ( B ) preserve food stuffs (c) radar.

To get complete Guess paper Click Here

By:kriti prajapati | On:13-FEB-2013 10:00:57


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