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IBPS CWE Clerk Exam 2013 Model Practice Set: Quantitative Aptitude


IBPS will be conducting Common Written Examination for Clerical Cadre on 30 November 2013, 01 December 2013, 07 December 2013, 08 December 2013, 14 December 2013, and 15 December 2013. The question paper will include 5 Sections of 40 Questions from each section.  These sections included in question paper are Numerical Ability, Reasoning, English Language, General Awareness (with special reference to banking industry), and Computer Knowledge

For every wrong answer given by the candidate, there will be deduction of 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question as penalty to arrive at corrected score.

Jagranjosh expert have prepared Model Practice Set on Quantitative Aptitude with Answers for the IBPS Clerk Exam 2013. These provided sample questions are similar to the questions asked by IBPS in the previous exam and will be very helpful for the students to prepare for the exam.

1. How many such digits are there in the number 5237468 each of which is as far away from the beginning of the number as when the digits are rearranged in ascending order?

(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three
(e) More than three

2. If 'P’ denotes 'X’, 'Q’ denotes ‘÷‘, 'R’ denotes ‘+‘; and ‘S’ denotes ‘-‘; then 42 R 1 4 Q 2 S 1 5 P 3 is equal to

(a) 11
(b) 51
(c) 49
(d) 4
(e) None of these

3. Ram correctly remembers that his father's birthday is after 13th April but before 2oth April whereas his sister correctly remembers that her father's birthday is after 17th April but before 24th April. On which day in April was definitely their father's birthday?

(a) 17th
(b) 18th
(c) 19th
(d) 20th
(e) 18th or 19th

4. How many such pair of letters is there in the word SELECTION each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?

(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three
(e) More than three

5. In a certain code ‘RATE, is written as ‘4358’ and ‘POOL, is written as ‘2116’. How is PLATE written in that code?

(a) 26358
(b) 26853
(c) 26385
(d) Data inadequate

Complete Model Paper

By:Anitha Shivakumariah | On:12-MAR-2014 17:58:35

Hi, I liked the pattern and was easy for me, Kindly let me know when i could apply for this am interested and looking forward for the same.

By:Subir Chandr Das | On:24-FEB-2014 16:07:54


By:Mukesh Chandra | On:23-FEB-2014 21:03:13

hi i want to apply tor this,but dont have much information pls help me when this year form will be issued and if possible can you pls sand me sample paper for practice.

By:PRABHA | On:04-FEB-2014 15:18:03

it is good way to help us.

By:bank po | On:30-JAN-2014 22:53:00

i want to see model paper of bank question -2013

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