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Interview Question and Answers: Tell me about yourself


QnA : Interview
QnA : Interview

Tell me about yourself Question in an Interview

This is one of the most basic questions that you may be asked in an interview.  Beware, the interviewer is interested in you as it pertains to the job that you are interviewing for and why he/she should hire you.  The interviewer is not asking for your autobiography so try to keep the information regarding your background crisp and to the point.  Do not just rattle off random information about yourself but keep focused on the main highlights of your resume.



Interview Question:

Tell me a bit about yourself?

How to answer this Interview Question about Tell me about yourself?

Think of this question as a walk-through of your resume highlighting the important points showing why you are qualified for the job and you are best person for the job.


Speak in a chronological order, either working backward in time or forward in time.  Do not just ramble on without a coherant timeline.


The following is an example beginning backward and moving forward to today:


  1. Start with your educational qualification (training and the degrees) you have obtained.  Focus more on the qualifications that pertain to the job that you are interviewing for.
  2. Speak about your work experience and each of your jobs briefly.  Focus on what you skills you have learnt from them and how they will be of benefit to the role that you are interviewing for.   Speak about your main responsibilities and achievements at each of the positions.  Also try to show how you have grown professionally in each of the jobs.
  3. Highlight your important strengths and achievements as you are discussing your background.
  4. If there is something unusual in your in your background, highlight it here.  This could include hobbies, musical instruments you play, languages that you learnt etc.



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SIr when i sit an interview i got nervous and i just babling anything. i dont know to me also what i said in interview. tell me abot this how can i improve.


how to over come nervous. tell me plz.....


I want impress the interviewer na. Wat can i do sir


question and answer

Mukesh kumar,

sir, when i sit with any old man then i feel very nervous so plz tell me how can i improve myself

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