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Lucknow University Introduces Computer Cluster Facility in its Campus


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Lucknow University has introduced the system of computer cluster to implement the Central Facility for Computational Research (CFCR) in its campus.
The term ‘computer cluster’ comes up when a number of independent computers are grouped into a unified system through software and networking. A computer cluster comprises a set of loosely or tightly connected computers that work together and being taken as a single system.
The LU vice-chancellor, SB Nimse, has recently launched a portal of the cluster through which the users will be able to log into the server and avail the facility. He stressed on the need of utilizing the facility by researchers and regular updates. As stated by Prof S. Gadre of IIT-Kanpur, the system of computer clusters will help students to achieve a lot.
Prof Anil Mishra of chemistry department, Lucknow University will monitor and manage the CFCR.

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