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Material for Open Book Exam Released by CBSE


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All the formalities for conducting the Open Book Exam in CBSE affiliated schools across the nation have now been done. The CBSE has released on Tuesday the text and pictorial material from which the question paper for the Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) will be prepared.
The OTBA will be held only for classes IX and XI as part of the final exams in March. For class IX, the OTBA material has been prepared and uploaded for all the main subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, and that for the class XI is available for subjects like Geography, Economics and Biology. This year, the OTBA will be applicable only to these subjects.
The OTBA students will be given text material in advance, and later, while giving the test, they will be allowed to refer to it. However, the CBSE has ensured that OTBA's format does not adulterate the process of conducting an exam.
As revealed by the Board's chairman Vineet Joshi, the OTBA will include questions of higher order thinking skills (HOTS), and some of which would be subjective, creative and open-ended. He further added that the text material will be related to some selected concepts taken from the syllabi. The material given to students may have content in the form of an article, a case study, a diagram, a concept/mind map, a picture or a cartoon, and problem/situation based on the concepts being taught during second term.
To accommodate OTBA scores in the main subject marks, the Board has reworked the marks distribution process. According to new marks distribution scheme, the question papers in main subjects at Summative Assessment (SA)-II will be of 90 marks based on prescribed syllabus and question paper design. For example, in English, the paper will be of 70 marks + 20 marks, for assessment of speaking and listening skills. The remaining 10 marks in question paper of each main subject will separately be dedicated to OTBA.
The OTBA section will consists of text material accompanied by two or three questions based on the text, and those questions will be of HOTS seeking students to apply to the situations given in the article/ report/ case study, and draw out inferences/conclusions from the same. The OTBA questions will be open-ended, extrapolative, and inferential, and seek students’ personal responses to justify a point of view.
After releasing the OTBA content, the academic director of CBSE, Sadhana Parashar, wrote to schools that the concerned teachers are expected to read, discuss and analyze the material. She further urged them to keep their focus regarding OTBA content on to understand its objectives and outcomes.

By:K M SHARMA | On:23-MAR-2014 19:02:23


By:Vivek Gupta | On:04-MAR-2014 23:10:10

Our school has not supplied the OTBA materials so what shall I refer to in the exams.

By:harsh amrit | On:03-MAR-2014 21:51:21

thank u cbse..this test will improve the efficiency and thinking skill

By:Asfia Khan | On:23-FEB-2014 21:39:40

in my view OTBA is initiative xam........

By:anantjain | On:23-FEB-2014 12:45:10

study material

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