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Percentile rank in CCE card cbse class 10


Percentile rank in CCE card cbse class 10
Percentile rank in CCE card cbse class 10

Q: What does percentile rank depict in the CCE card?

A: Students’ achievement on scholastic aspects can be measured in terms of three levels:

  • With reference to current status of his progress by identifying learning gaps and improving performance through remediation.
  • With reference to the expected levels of learning.
  • With reference to his current status vis-à-vis peer groups (percentile rank).

A percentile rank identifies the percentage of students/ peer group that a student score has surpassed. For example a student has a test score of 66 and a percentile rank of 70 in his class. That means that a score of 66 is higher than 70% of the students in one’s class.


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