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Practice Question Set for Bank Clerk Recruitment Exam 2012: Reasoning


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The practice set on Reasoning was designed to enable students preparing for clerk recruitment exams of different banks to prepare in a more systematic manner. The practice question set also provides answers to the questions so that candidates can check for themselves their level of preparation.

1. The positions of first and the fourth letters of the word PRICED are interchanged, similarly, the positions of second and fifth letters and third and sixth letters are interchanged. In the new arrangement thus formed, how many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between the alphabets which are at the extreme ends?

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

(E) More than five

2. How many meaningful English words, starting with P, can be formed with the letters ETPS using each letter only once in each word?

(A) None

(B) One

(C) Two

(D) Three

(E) More than three

Directions-(Q.3 and 4) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow- Five friends, A, J, M, P and Q each scored different marks in an examination. P scored more than Q but less than A. M scored more than A. J scored less marks than P but J did not score the minimum marks. A scored 86% marks and the one who scored minimum marks scored 70% marks.

3. Who amongst the five friends is most likely to have scored 92% marks?

(A) M

(B) P

(C) J

(D) Q

(E) Either P or M

4. How many persons scored more than A?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

(E) Cannot be determined

Directions-(Q.5-7) The following questions are based upon the alphabetical series given below- J Q R M S B C H F T U A K N P V D L G I O E

5. If in a certain code 'DECK' is coded as 'PISU' and 'FISH' is coded as' CLRB' how will 'GULF be coded in the same code language?






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Practice Question Set for Bank Clerk Recruitment Exam 2012: Reasoning

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By:lokesh | On:07-JUN-2012 14:06:20

yr some of the papers r not opening in lapp.

By:krishna | On:12-MAY-2012 13:02:45

plz send me the answers

By:krishnapriya p | On:12-MAY-2012 12:10:03

u pls give answer also...then it will be more easy for us

By:mohit | On:11-MAY-2012 19:12:05

plzzzz upload the solutions for this paper

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