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Science Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers August 2012, August 27-September 2


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Science Current Affairs Quiz test the participant’s knowledge on latest discoveries, technological advancements made and in the process further enhances an individual’s knowledge base. The quizzes also cover the Environment-Ecology segment. Number of questions is asked from this segment in the competitive exams. Science Current Affairs quiz for August- September 2012 will help you in the preparation for NDA, CDS, Bank PO, MBA, NABARD, RBI, Railway, SSC, Civil Services and other Exams.

1.    A new strain of rice developed by the scientists, which can enhance the productivity in the soil that lacks a nutrient content. Name the nutrient, lack of which effects crop yield.
(a)    Sulphur
(b)    Oxygen
(c)    Phosphorous
(d)    Carbon
Answer: (c) Phosphorous

2.    Name the two planets that came together in the Western sky on 15 August 2012 after sunset.
(a)    Mars and Saturn
(b)    Earth and Mars
(c)    Jupiter and Saturn
(d)    Venus and Earth
Answer: (a) Mars and Saturn

3.    The identified singing mice that use songs to communicate are found in which region?
(a)    The Himalayan terrain
(b)    The tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Costa Rica
(c)    On the volcanic plates of Pacific
(d)    Greenland
Answer: (b) The tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Costa Rica

4.    Name the NASA’s Robert that has recently touched the surface of Mars
(a)    Rover Curiosity
(b)    Gale Crater
(c)    Martian home
(d)    Calif
Answer: (a) Rover Curiosity

5.    Name the process that will be applied for transferring the gene of the newly developed Stained Rice to the modern variety of rice
(a)    Cross-Breeding
(b)    Genetic Engineering
(c)    Hybridization
(d)    None of these
Answer: (a) Cross-Breeding


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