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SCRA Exam Paper on Mathematics- 2009


Solve the SCRA Exam Question Paper of the previous year. Prepare better.


2. If Tr=Vr+1-Vr-2, r=1,2,3,... where Vr is the sum of the first r terms of an AP whose first term is r and common difference is (2r-1), then Tr is always

(a) prime and odd

(b) composite and odd

(c) composite and even

(d) odd but not prime

4. For bwhat values of x and y. the expression (|z|2+|z-5|2-|z-zi|2) where z=x+iy, assumes minimum  value ?

(a) x=5, y=-3

(b) x=-5, y=3

(c) x=3, y=-5

(d) x=-3, y=5

6. what is the number of integral points (integral points means both coordinates must be integers exactly in the interior of the traiangle with vertices (0,0) (0,21) and (21,0) ?

(a) 105

(b) 133

(c) 190

(d) 233

7. A man has 7 relatives, 4 women and 3 men. His wife also has 7 relatives, 3 women and 4 men. What is the number of ways can they invite 3 women and 3 men so that 3 of them are the man's relatives and 3 of them are his wife's relatives ?

(a) 485

(b) 484

(c) 468

(d) 467

Click on the link below to download the complete paper.

SCRA Exam Paper on Mathematics - 2009


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ashish singh,

please send me previous year question paper.

uday Raunak,

mujhe upsc ka scra ka model paper chahiye



gopal Chandra Dey,

please help me to get the latest scra sample paper

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