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UPSC Combined Defence Service Exam 2012: General Knowledge Solved Question Paper


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted the Combined Defence Services Exam 2012 in February 2012. Union Public Service Commission conducts the CDS (Combined Defence Services) Exam twice a year for admission to the various academies of the defence forces.

Jagranjosh published the solved General Knowledge Question Paper of the Combined Defence Service Exam 2012. Aspirants preparing for Defence Service Exams can refer to the question paper to understand the pattern of questions asked. They can solve these questions to learn about the time required to solve each question. Also, candidates while preparing for the defence service exams can refer to the question papers to follow the concept on which questions are based.

1. Over 90% of the world's biomass is in

(a) tropical rain forests

(b) freshwater wetlands

(c) topsoils

(d) oceans

2. Which one of the following is a source of methane emission into the atmosphere?

(a) Automobile exhaust fume

(b) Industrial chimney

(c) Mining

(d) Wetland

3. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

(a) Trophic dynamics represents the transfer of energy from one trophic level to another in a food chain

(b) In deeper parts of oceans, primary production remains almost nil

(c) The primary consumers are called autotrophs

(d) The decomposers are called saprotrophs

4. Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas because

(a) its concentration remains always higher than other gases.

(b) it is used in photosynthesis.

(c) it absorbs infrared radiation.

(d) it emits visible radiation.

5. The fossil of Archaeopteryx represents the evidence of origin of

(a) birds from reptiles

(b) mammals from reptiles

(c) reptiles from amphibians

(d) mammals from birds


UPSC Combined Defence Service Exam 2012: General Knowledge Solved Question Paper

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I m a b.pharma candidate so Sir I want to be a army officer . Should I eligible for army officer


i am engg final yr student my is became officer in nevy pls guid me .

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i passed b.sc aftrthat i want to see our future in cds. so plz tell me the guidlines whose i got this

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