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XAT 2013 Solved Question Paper: Decision Making


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Xavier Aptitude test is conducted by XLRI every year. Find here the Solved Decision Making section from XAT 2013 paper. There were 25 questions in the section.

1. Over the last five years, Bank of Bharat has seen the number of its retail customer accounts drop by over 40 percent. Over the same period, the share price of Bank of Bharat has increased by more than 80 percent. This amazed a few investors, who believe that a bank's share price should drop if its number of customers drops.
Which of the following, if true over the last five years, best accounts for the observed movement in the price of Bank of Bharat's equity shares?

A. Two years ago Securities and Exchange Board started an investigation on the bank for accounting irregularities, but last year the company was cleared of all charges.
B. The bank recently implemented a highly publicised program for free home loans.
C. The bank has been switching its customer base from retail customers to commercial customers, which now accounts for over 75 percent of the 'bank's revenues.
D. There have been many new banks, which have entered retail banking business over the last five years.
E. The bank is known to be the best paymaster in the industry.

2. Gastric bypass surgery has been shown to be effective at helping extremely obese people lose weight. Some patients have lost as much as 300 pounds after undergoing the surgery, thereby substantially prolonging their lives. Despite the success of the treatment, most doctors have not embraced the surgery.
Which of the following statements, if true, best accounts for the lukewarm =reaction of the 'medical community to gastric bypass surgery?

A. Gastric bypass surgery carries a high risk of serious complications, including death.
B. Obesity is one of the leading contributors to heart disease and hypertension, two leading causes of death.
C. Incidences of obesity among the Indian urban middle class population have been increasing consistently for the last three decades.
D. Many patients report that losing weight through diets is ineffective, since they usually gain the weight back within six months.
E. Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of gastric bypass surgery (or morbidly obese patients at high risk of heart disease.

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By:sampa barkait | On:31-MAY-2013 01:04:00

wanna get a great job n success,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, help us.

By:sampa barkait | On:31-MAY-2013 01:02:47

wanna get n great job n success,,,,,,, help us.

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