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    • Why is Bank of Baroda recruiting through Manipal Programme and not IBPS PO 6?

      APR 24, 2017

      Bank of Baroda recruited 400 probationary officers through its Baroda Manipal School of Banking Programme 2016-17. Here we are discussing the reasons behind it.

    • Emerging Bank Jobs: Job Profile and Career as Cyber Forensic Analyst in Public Sector Banks

      APR 24, 2017

      Cyber Forensic Analyst is responsible for securing the sensitive data with the banks as well as foreseeing the possible threats to the customers.

    • Will the SBI merger result in job cuts?

      APR 21, 2017

      SBI may go for the job cut after merger with associate banks and Bhartiya Mahila Bank (BMB). However as per the SBI chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya, there will be no job losses or salary in SBI merger process.

    • Another reason to join SBI: Work from Home facility for all employees

      APR 21, 2017

      Work from Home is a facility given by various organisations for employees who are unable to travel to the office and can work peacefully within the boundaries of their homes. It is mainly meant for pregnant women and also persons who are not physically fit to go to office every day. SBI has also started this facility recently.

    • SBI Youth Fellowship Programme 2017: 15,000 Stipend with allowances

      APR 20, 2017

      With SBI Youth Fellowship Programme, SBI wants to reach rural and unbanked areas and serve the populace there with the young generation of the country.

    • Know all about the Bond amount and service agreement in Public Sector Banks

      APR 18, 2017

      Bonds are service agreements are an integral part of joining a bank these days because in every bank now you have to give an undertaking that you will serve the bank for a minimum of certain years failing which you need to pay a certain sum.

    • Career opportunities in Banking Sector: Job Titles and Description

      APR 17, 2017

      You can start your career as a banker in various capacities and still, you can reach at the top of the hierarchy if you are willing to learn and shoulder responsibilities.

    • India’s Top Women Executives in Banking Industry

      APR 16, 2017

      In this article, we shall discuss regarding the few top women executives working in the banking industry of the country as of now.

    • Comparison between SBI PO and ICICI Bank PO!

      APR 15, 2017

      There is a significant difference in salary and benefits received by the employee working as Probationary officers in public and private sector banks.

    • Retirement and Pension benefits offered to Public Sector Bank Employees

      APR 14, 2017

      Today, when all other employers are busy reducing their financial burden by significantly cutting down on retirement benefits offered to their employees, banking sector has continued to swell their retirement benefits policy to help their employees. This is also one of the main reasons for banking sector attracting the best talents from all academic backgrounds.

    • How is Bank officer training conducted?

      APR 14, 2017

      Jagranjosh team has come up with an article to trench the curiosity of IBPS/SBI Aspirants about the training session held after the selection. In this article, Various training methods are explained from the time of joining till the Deputation.

    • Transfer policy of Female employees in Public sector banks

      APR 12, 2017

      ‘Preferential Transfer Policy’ for the women bank employees is seen as new hope in Indian banking sector.  Below, we will try to understand the new Transfer Policy for Female PSU Bank employees in detail.

    • 10 Reasons to join SBI as Bank PO

      APR 07, 2017

      There are various reasons to join this bank and we shall look at the most compelling of them in this article so that candidates get motivated to work harder to get into the prestigious bank.

    • SBI : Medical benefit Schemes for employees

      APR 07, 2017

      Medical services include all medical requirements/ medical complication of an employee. Here we are discussing the provisions in the medical facility scheme for SBI employees.

    • Which one is better between IT Inspector through SSC and SBI PO?

      APR 07, 2017

      In this article, we have made a comparison between SSC IT inspector and SBI PO on the basis of offered salary, perks, place of postings, transfer policy and recruitment body. Get full story.

    • Cricket General knowledge Quiz

      APR 06, 2017

      Cricket is one of the popular game around the world. It is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the center of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket (a set of three wooden stumps) at each end. One team bats, attempting to score as many runs as possible, whilst their opponent's field. Here, we are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers (GK Quiz) on Cricket that will strengthen the knowledge of Cricket amateur and professionals.

    • Viral Acharya: Is he the next Raghuram Rajan in making?

      APR 06, 2017

      The RBI has four deputy governors. The deputy governors are official directors of RBI. These four posts are filled by promotions from within the ranks of the central bank. Among the other two, one post is to be filled by a commercial banker, while the other goes to an economist.

    • RBI Governor Urjit Patel’s salary hiked; Find out the revised salary here

      APR 03, 2017

      RBI Governor Urjit Patel gets big pay hike; basic salary increased to Rs 2.5 lakh from Rs 90,000. The Deputy Governors of RBI also get good pay hike.

    • Exam Stress: 11 Ways to beat it!

      MAR 27, 2017

      In this article, we shall talk about certain techniques which are necessary for tackling stress and anxiety during your preparation days as well as the exam time.

    • India’s most Powerful women Bankers

      MAR 20, 2017

      International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate India’s top bankers who are leading the finance revolution in the country. Meet India’s most powerful bankers; from managing home expenses to leading finance revolution in the country; there is nothing that Indian women can’t do.

    • Arundhati Bhattacharya: A Legend in Indian Banking industry

      MAR 17, 2017

      A good leader can see the future and also helps the followers to get adapted to that as easily and seamlessly as possible. The present SBI Chairman has done exactly the same.

    • Job role and Career growth of Assistant Manager in IDBI Bank

      MAR 16, 2017

      In 2016, IDBI become the first PSU bank to open International Banking Unit at the prestigious International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in Gujarat.

    • Chanda Kochhar: Shaping the Retail Banking Sector in India

      MAR 08, 2017

      The success of the present MD-CEO of India’s second largest bank is not only driving the retail banking to the top but also making it happen when it was very difficult to make inroads in the retail banking sector in India.

    • SBI PO or SBI Clerk Which one is more suitable for Women?

      MAR 01, 2017

      In this article, we shall compare the job profile of clerk and probationary officer in the largest commercial bank in the country from the perspective of a woman.

    • SBI PO Exam 2017: Preparation Strategy to crack it!

      FEB 23, 2017

      SBI PO examination is a dream for lot of students because of the pay scale and career progression offered by this bank. However in order to crack this examination, you need proper planning and effective execution of the same. This article is about that only.

    • SBI PO The Best Bank PO Job you can have

      FEB 06, 2017

      SBI PO job is one of the most sought after jobs among banking aspirants because of more salary than other public sector banks along with plenty of opportunities for growth and promotion in career. So, is it really worth what it is held in such high esteem for? Let us look at the pros and cons.

    • IBPS PO Interview 2017: Importance of your Body Language

      FEB 01, 2017

      In this article, we are going to focus on the body language tips that may make or break or future in that hallowed interview room.

    • IBPS RRB Office Assistant vs IBPS Clerk: Which one to opt for?

      JAN 21, 2017

      IBPS RRB job is not as good as scheduled commercial banks when it comes to career growth and development. But at the same time, it is also true that if you are interested in going for other career options such as UPSC and you need time to study for that, this is the perfect job for you.

    • Which one to choose between Bank PO and SSC CGL?

      JAN 16, 2017

      In this article, candidates going for banking career and SSC CGL jobs for better future, are intimated about the both government job sector's pros and cons and thus the candidates must select from these options by knowing about them carefully and undergoing the job opportunities in detail. So, have a glimpse over this article.

    • Job Profile and Promotion Policy of RBI Assistant

      JAN 12, 2017

      RBI Assistant is a job for people who want a secured and comfortable life as well as somebody who wants to make their career in one of the prestigious central banks of the world.