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  • How to Become SBI PO through reading Newspaper?

    JUL 26, 2017

    The candidates must make sure that they develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, web journals, blogs etc. to make themselves aware of the latest ongoing and events in the national and international forum.

  • Spelling Mistakes can be avoided: Here’s how!

    JUL 25, 2017

    In this article, we shall not go into the spelling rules that will add burden to your syllabus but will try some practical methods in which you can remember correct spellings while attempting the bank examinations.

  • NABARD:10 Questions for Agriculture and Rural Management-3

    JUL 24, 2017

    NABARD's Preliminary Exam is to be held on August 5, 2017. Here we have give 10 questions for Agriculture and Rural Management.

  • NABARD:10 Questions for Agriculture and Rural Management

    JUL 19, 2017

    NABARD's Preliminary Exam is to be held on August 5, 2017. Here we have give 10 questions for Agriculture and Rural Management.

  • Exam Stress: 11 Ways to beat it!

    JUL 18, 2017

    In this article, we shall talk about certain techniques which are necessary for tackling stress and anxiety during your preparation days as well as the exam time.

  • How to Prepare for NABARD Economic and Social Issues in 30 days

    JUL 17, 2017

    Here, we have given the strategy to preppare for Economic and Social Issues for NABARD in a minimum possible time.

  • How to Prepare General Awareness for Bank Exams?

    JUL 14, 2017

    General Awareness asked in bank exam is basically related to banking industry. So candidates must read all news related to economy and banking industry on regular basis.

  • How to Prepare for NABARD English in 30 days

    JUL 08, 2017

    NABARD's exam for RDBS A and B grade officers would be held in August. Here we have explained how to prepare for English section in remaining time.

  • Success Story and Interview Experience of SBI PO

    JUL 05, 2017

    The phase III of SBI PO examination 2017 will be Group Discussion and interview of 20 marks and 30 marks respectively. The GD and interview process will start from 10th july.

  • Tips to Prepare NABARD Grade ‘A’ Exam 2017

    JUL 04, 2017

    NABARD conducts examination every year to recruit Grade A and Grade B officer for their offices across the country. This year the examination would be conduct in the month of August.

  • How Practicing IBPS PO Previous Papers can help you crack NABARD Exam?

    JUN 29, 2017

    If we compare the previous year paper of IBPS PO and NABARD exam, we found that the difficulty is same tough but the subjects are more in NABARD Examination.

  • How to approach Psychometric Test in Bank Examinations?

    JUN 06, 2017

    In this article, we are going to discuss about the psychometric tests in detail so that you can understand the psyche of the examination conducting body in conducting this test as a part of banking examination recruitment process.

  • SBI PO 2017: Section Wise Strategy (Computer Awareness)

    MAY 29, 2017

    In this article, we are going to provide you with the master strategy to crack the computer awareness section in the SBI PO exam 2017 with conviction.

  • How to prepare for RBI Grade B Officer Phase I Exam 2017?

    MAY 17, 2017

    RBI conducts Grade B Officers exam every year. Here are the banking team of jagranjosh is providing some tips for preparation of the examination.

  • SBI PO 2017: Section Wise Strategy (Quantitative Aptitude, Data Analysis and Data Interpretation)

    MAY 11, 2017

    A major part of your selection in SBI PO 2017 will depend on Quantitative aptitude and data analysis. That is why we are bringing to you the detailed strategy to master this section within the remaining period of time so that you can make it a cakewalk during the actual examination.

  • SBI PO 2017: Section Wise Strategy (Reasoning Ability)

    APR 14, 2017

    In this article, our focus will be on reasoning ability as this section will be there both in the prelims examination and the mains examination. The marks allotted in prelims are 35 and in the mains examination, the same is for 60 marks.

  • 7 Effective Ways to Improve Calculation Speed in Bank Exams

    APR 07, 2017

    Sometimes you may wonder how come some people do calculations at a lightning speed. You frequently come across this situation in case you are attending any coaching classes. Well, there is no magic in it.

  • SBI PO 2017: Quant Section Preparation Tips for Arts Graduate

    APR 03, 2017

    SBI PO examination has often thrown challenges to Arts graduates in sections such as Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Here, we are providing some tips for arts background aspirants to prepare QA section.

  • Banking Examinations: The Changes that have made their way in it!

    MAR 31, 2017

    In this article, we are going to discuss about the changes that have taken place in banking examinations and the ways that should be adopted in order to crack these examinations.

  • SBI PO 2017: Section Wise Strategy (General Awareness)

    MAR 15, 2017

    General Awareness is going to play a vital role in your selection in SBI PO examination 2017 and that is why it is very important that you follow the right strategy to score well in this section.

  • SBI PO 2017: How to crack English Language

    MAR 14, 2017

    This year it is going to be an acid test for all of you since banking examinations are becoming difficult day by day. In this article, the focus will be on English Language section for upcoming SBI PO exam that has been the nemesis for most of the candidates.

  • SBI PO Prelims Exam 2017: 30 Days Study Plan to Crack it!

    MAR 01, 2017

    To help you to crack SBI PO prelims 2017, we are bringing to you the detailed study plan for the next one moth so that you can follow the same and finish the syllabus in time with proper revision.

  • SBI PO Exam 2017: Preparation Strategy to crack it!

    FEB 23, 2017

    SBI PO examination is a dream for lot of students because of the pay scale and career progression offered by this bank. However in order to crack this examination, you need proper planning and effective execution of the same. This article is about that only.

  • GK questions for IBPS PO interview 2017: Are you prepared?

    FEB 11, 2017

    IBPS interview is of 100 marks and all of you have to get at least a minimum marks in order to be get selection in the final allocation list. So, you have to prepare your best to get a hang of the whole process.

  • IBPS PO Interview 2017: Importance of your Body Language

    FEB 01, 2017

    In this article, we are going to focus on the body language tips that may make or break or future in that hallowed interview room.

  • IBPS PO Interview 2017: What importance does your educational background have?

    JAN 28, 2017

    IBPS PO interview is going to start and we are bringing to you the basic question that most of you will face in the interview.

  • IBPS PO Interview 2017: 10 mostly asked questions with answers

    JAN 28, 2017

    In this article, we shall discuss the common interview questions with answers so that you get an idea regarding how to answer the questions effectively.

  • IBPS PO interview 2017: Last Minute Tips to nail it

    JAN 20, 2017

    You need to give your best in the interview to get the job of PO in public sector bank and let us discuss certain things that can help you in your preparation and also in the process of interview.

  • IBPS Exam Calendar 2017-18: Time to start your Preparation!

    JAN 18, 2017

    In this article, we shall try to give you a long term strategy for bank examinations so that by 2018, you certainly have a job in hand as an officer in a bank.

  • How to Solve Reading Comprehension based on Economics and Banking quickly?

    JAN 13, 2017

    Reading comprehension is the most important topic in English section in bank exams as you can easily get 10 to 15 marks in this topic.  In this article, we shall discuss important techniques to solve these questions quickly.