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  • Job Profile of SBI Junior Associates

    APR 28, 2016

    SBI is recruiting candidates for the junior associates posts. So, it is important to know about the work responsibilities and role of SBI junior associate generally as well as interview aspects.

  • SBI Clerk 2016 Examination: Importance and an Opportunity

    APR 28, 2016

    In this article, SBI Clerk job is worth a golden opportunity like hiked pay & allowances, Perks & other benefits, promotions and learning opportunity is explained. Now, how to grab such opportunity like wise what you have to do, is mentioned in the article below. Take a look.

  • What are the reasons to conduct the SBI Clerk Exam in Two Phases

    APR 26, 2016

    Previously, SBI Clerk exam had only one examination followed by the interview. But this year onwards, SBI clerk will be conducting the recruitment process in two phases. To know more, Check the a article.

  • Is there a need for a single bank exam?

    APR 22, 2016

    most of the banks conduct their own banking exam apart from IBPS, a central recruitment body. In this article, various queries and doubts are clarified required the related topic.

  • Pros and Cons of only one chance in a year for recruitment through IBPS bank exam

    APR 21, 2016

    Candidates going for Banking entry get only one chance to appear in the exam out of one year. For some, it is quite discouraging. In this article, we have come up with pros and cons of such methodology.

  • What are the prospects of overseas placement while working with SBI?

    APR 19, 2016

    SBI is the largest public service bank in India with over 191 offshore offices in 36 countries, which makes it the best bank in the country for foreign placements of officers. The career prospects of candidates posted in overseas banks are quite bright and they can promote to higher ranks, with the experience that they own in foreign branches.

  • NABARD Grade A and Grade B Officer Exam:- Tips to crack the NABARD in first attempt

    APR 18, 2016

    From this year 2016 onwards, NABARD has made changes in its examination pattern. So, it will be an absolutely new experience for candidates to attempt the exam this year. This time Team has introduced some specific analysis of its Exam Pattern, Subject Criteria with few essential tips. To know more, Check it out.

  • Is English Language Compulsory for IBPS Examination

    APR 16, 2016

    English language is an important component of the examinations conducted by IBPS and the candidates who are willing to score more marks in these examinations need to work really hard in the language. The language also becomes important during the personal interview round as well.

  • How to crack bank PO examination in first attempt?

    APR 16, 2016

    The bank PO recruitment includes prelims and mains written examination which requires candidates to be focused and dedicated. The candidates, in order to crack the examination in the very first attempt, need to work really hard and prepare for the subjects asked in the examination.

  • Transfer policy of Female employees in Public sector banks

    APR 14, 2016

    PSU Banks have been advised to draft a new preferential transfer policy aimed for female employees. Read on to find out the details about this new move.

  • The salary of an RBI Assistant after 10th Bi-Partite Wage Settlement

    APR 11, 2016

    As of now, the RBI assistants draw a basic salary of Rs 8860/- per month (Rs 8040/- along with two increments for graduates only) and with that, they are entitled to allowances such as DA, HRA, city compensatory allowance, TA etc.

  • Tricks to solve questions based on course of action

    MAR 25, 2016

    Statement and Courses of Action is one such major topic of logical reasoning that is a bit different from conventional reasoning type questions. The main feature of these types of questions is that they are designed in such a way that the Decision Making Ability of the candidates can be scrutinized.

  • How to Solve Data Sufficiency Questions Quickly

    MAR 23, 2016

    Data sufficiency (DS) is one of the most important parts of Quant Section of various competitive examinations like IBPS PO, SBI PO, LIC, RBI, CAT etc. There is a great chance that in any exam, you will see at least 5 questions from this topic. Here are some certain tips and tricks to solve these questions quickly.

  • SBI PO vs. IBPS PO: A Comparison in Detail!

    MAR 22, 2016

    As an officer of a PSB in the country, you get a decent salary to live a decent life. Obviously, salary is less than that of a SBI Officer and allowances are also not as good as SBI. However, you get mostly similar allowances in all Public sector banks.

  • RBI Assistant or Bank PO: Which one to go for?

    MAR 22, 2016

    RBI publishes notification for recruitment of assistants in various offices across the country every year while IBPS PO, SBI PO are the most talked about examination of the year for the banking aspirants. So, when somebody ends up having both the jobs, it becomes a tough choice, an officer in a PSB or a clerk in RBI?

  • Is there a need to strengthen recruitment process for IBPS clerk as there is no interview now!

    MAR 15, 2016

    The banking industry is soon expected to abolish the personal interview round and introduce new tests for assessing the candidates in selecting them to various job profiles. The decision to abolish personal interview in the lower and junior level clerical position came right from the Prime Minister of the company.

  • Coaching Institutes v Online Preparation: Pros and cons

    MAR 14, 2016

    Wondering if you should opt for coaching classes? Are the new online courses for competitive exam preparation really good? Read on and find answers to all such questions.

  • SBI PO The Best Bank PO Job you can have

    MAR 09, 2016

    SBI PO job is one of the most sought after jobs among banking aspirants because of more salary than other public sector banks along with plenty of opportunities for growth and promotion in career. So, is it really worth what it is held in such high esteem for? Let us look at the pros and cons.

  • SBI PO: Is it a target based job?

    MAR 09, 2016

    In SBI as PO you have to sell the products as well as have to do your bit of cross-selling. The silver lining is that you are not in the line of fire if you are not able to achieve your targets. Most of the targets are achievable so no need to worry.

  • Banking before CBS: An Overview of the Past

    MAR 08, 2016

    Today when we go to a bank, we see clerks and officers working on their computers and anybody having account anywhere can do banking irrespective of his or her location. The facility, also known as Core Banking Solution or CBS, is a relatively new concept in the banking arena.

  • Job Profile and Promotion Policy of RBI Assistant

    MAR 08, 2016

    RBI Assistant is a job for people who want a secured and comfortable life as well as somebody who wants to touch the sky in life. It depends on individual aspirations and will power. This year also, it is expected that the Apex bank will come out with notifications to recruit assistants and the golden opportunity is there in front of all of you to make the most of it!!

  • 10 Great Qualities a PSU Bank Employee should possess

    MAR 05, 2016

    A career in Banking, especially when it comes to Public Sector Banks has been a preferred choice among the youth of this country. To help students out, we have compiled a list of top 10 qualities that every banking professional should possess in order to build a successful career in Public Sector Banks.

  • Want to become Bank PO in 2016: Prepare with Smart Strategies

    MAR 05, 2016

    The recruitment of PO/MT exam is mainly conducted by two major bank test conducting agencies i.e. IBPS and SBI. The IBPS and SBI both conduct PO/MT exam in two tiers: Preliminary and Mains.

  • Banking terms in news in the month of January 2016

    FEB 24, 2016

    It is noticed in recent years that in banking examinations, terms with special reference to Banking are frequently asked. These terms will also help candidates to understand banking news and articles in more lucid manner.

  • On which subject should I focus for the bank PO preparation

    FEB 24, 2016

    Candidates preparing for banking examinations should undergo syllabus properly and understand their weak and strong areas before start the preparation. English language is feared by many, due to lack of knowledge about the basics of the language. Quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning is another fearing spoke in the wheel, which the candidates remain nervous about.

  • IBPS Final Results May Soon get Published, Skipping the Interviews

    FEB 22, 2016

    The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), according to news reports, has decided to scrap interview for clerical posts this year.

    IBPS, according to news reports, has decided to scrap interview for clerical posts this year. They will come out with the final results this year without conducting personal interview round of the selected candidates in the Mains written examination.

  • Salient Types of bonds

    FEB 16, 2016

    A bond is a debt instrument with which an entity raises money from investors. The bond issuer gets capital while the investors receive fixed income in the form of interest. Here, banking team of jagran josh is providing brief information on salient types of bonds which is useful for IBPS PO or any other banking examinations.

  • IBPS Clerk vs SBI Clerk: Which one is better?

    FEB 12, 2016

    The basic pay and other allowances are almost same for SBI and other public sector banks because all are bound by government rules and regulations. Hence, in terms of salary, there is not much to choose for between the two. However, promotion chances are good at SBI as compare to other public sector bank.

  • SBI Branch Manager: Job responsibilities and duties in Metro City

    FEB 12, 2016

    The branch manager of a branch is the person who is the face of the bank in front of the customers of the particular branch. A smart manager can make the branch more profitable with his skills. In a  metro city, the job is all the more tricky as well as challenging because of diversified risks involved as well as diversified customer profile involved.

  • Job Description of Bank Clerks in Metro City

    FEB 09, 2016

    The bank clerks posted in the metro cities often undergo regular single window operations, cash related interaction and customer relations like the other banks in different regions. They are paid the additional percentage as HRA due to the higher rental prices in metro cities.

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