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President Pranab Mukherjee received first copy of book titled Uniki by CH Vidyasagar Rao

Published on: 03-JUL-2015
Important for Exam: 0 people agreed

It is a compilation of writings and reflections on his life and experiences that were published in various news papers.

Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji written by Abdul Kalam

Published on: 29-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 14 people agreed

Transcendence maps a journey of self-realization reflected in the eyes of Pramukh Swamiji, painting a delightful fusion of spirituality, science and leadership.

Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower by Henry M Paulson

Published on: 29-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 5 people agreed

The book takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and future of China’s state-controlled capitalism.

Red Tape to Red Carpet... and then some written by Gina Rinehart released

Published on: 24-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

The author is the Chairperson of the Australian mining company Hancock Prospecting Group.

Beyond Doubt: A Dossier on Gandhi's Assassination written by Teesta Setalvad

Published on: 22-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 7 people agreed

In the book, the author tried to de-construct the ideology responsible for the killing of Mahatma Gandhi on 30 June 1948.

Benazir Bhutto: A Multidimensional Portrait written by Dr Anna Suvorova

Published on: 22-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

The book is based on Bhutto's own books, articles and speeches and on the author's interviews with her close friends and colleagues.

Book titled Bikhare Khyalat written by Abdul Haq presented to Vice-President

Published on: 18-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

The book is an Urdu translation of Mohammed Iqbal’s writing in English tilted Stray Reflections.

Book titled Recasting India written by Hindol Sengupta released

Published on: 17-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

In the book the author explains emergence of new class of entrepreneurs in India, in recent times, especially from geographically and socially disadvantage spaces.

Book titled Modi - Incredible emergence of a star in Chinese language written by Tarun Vijay

Published on: 16-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 8 people agreed

The book based on life and economic vision of PM Narendra Modi has been published by Sichuan University’s South Asia Study Centre.

PM Narendra Modi launched book titled Education of Muslims by Professor JS Rajput

Published on: 16-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 8 people agreed

The book is aimed at informing and educating policy-makers, scholars and readers about role of Islam in pursuit of education and knowledge.

Sourav Ganguly: Cricket, Captaincy and Controversy written by Saptarshi Sarkar

Published on: 09-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

It is a biography of former Indian Cricket Captain Sourav Ganguly and deals with his cricketing career.

Flood of fire written by Amitav Ghosh

Published on: 08-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

With the novel, he has concluded the Ibis trilogy, his fictional recreation of the events leading up to the first opium war of 1839-42.

The China Model written by Daniel A Bell

Published on: 01-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

The book titled The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy by Daniel A. Bell was in news in May 2015.

Book titled Super Economies by Raghav Bahl released

Published on: 30-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 18 people agreed

The book explains the vastly changed nature of the world since the Cold War and predicts what will be the likely changes in the 21st centuary.

Book titled Ahmedabad: A City in the World by Amrita Shah released

Published on: 30-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

The book describes the a six-hundred year old former textile town in Kaka-style development which sketches Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle against British rule and terms the city as a hotbed for communal violence.

The Pakistan Paradox written by Christrophe Jaffrelot

Published on: 30-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

The 688-pages book is an overview of the contemporary Pakistan which was born as the creation of elite Urdu-speaking Muslims who sought to govern a state that would maintain their dominance.

Complete Story of Indian Reforms: 2G, Power & Private Enterprise written by Pradeep Baijal

Published on: 26-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 18 people agreed

Author in the book has claimed that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned him of consequences if he did not co-operate in the 2G scam.

Book titled Unbelievable – Delhi to Islamabad written by Prof Bhim Singh released

Published on: 09-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 24 people agreed

The book, a travelogue is an effort initiated by the lawyers of India and Pakistan to work jointly to ensure that Indian and Pakistani prisoners should not be denied fair trials.

A Book titled China – Confucius in the Shadows written by Poonam Surie released

Published on: 02-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 25 people agreed

The book highlights that in the evolving socio political milieu of China; interpreting Confucian philosophy as being non-confrontationist, benevolent and with values such as filial piety and harmony

Book titled Suleiman Charitra written by Kalyana Malla translated from Sanskrit to English

Published on: 10-APR-2015
Important for Exam: 12 people agreed

The book is a work of translation from Sanskrit to English by diplomat-writer A.N.D. Haskar. The original book Suleiman Charitra was written by a 16th century poet Kalyan Malla.

Prime Minister released a book titled Pre-Modern Kutchi Navigation Techniques and Voyages

Published on: 06-APR-2015
Important for Exam: 53 people agreed

The book is a depiction and transcription of Malam Ni Pothis, a collection of Gujarati manuscripts which describe the pre-modern navigation technology of Gujarat between the 17th and the 19th century.

Vice President released a book titled Aatank Ke Saaye Men written by Garima Sanjay

Published on: 01-APR-2015
Important for Exam: 215 people agreed

The book mainly dwells upon the menace of the burning problem of terrorism in most of the countries worldwide

God’s Bankers authored by Gerald Posner released

Published on: 31-MAR-2015
Important for Exam: 33 people agreed

Posner through this book has tried to present the secret side of the 200-year history of Vatican finances and the Vatican Bank, the Catholic Church's completely independent financial institution.

Book titled Food for All written by Uma Lele

Published on: 27-MAR-2015
Important for Exam: 15 people agreed

The book surveys the food and agricultural development assistance delivered by five major international organizations since their establishment to gauges their relevance, effectiveness, and impacts in a dramatically changed world.

Novel titled Family Life written by Akhil Sharma won the Folio Prize 2015

Published on: 26-MAR-2015
Important for Exam: 29 people agreed

The book tells the story of Ajay Mishra who moves from Delhi to the United States as a child in the late 1970s.

Vice president released book title Faces and Places written by Prof. Deepak Nayyar

Published on: 26-MAR-2015
Important for Exam: 84 people agreed

The book brings together a selection of the author’s photographs that have been taken over the past four decades.

Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy- Speaker’s Perspective written by Meira Kumar released

Published on: 20-MAR-2015
Important for Exam: 97 people agreed

The book contains number of lessons from the observations of former Speaker Meira Kumar.

PR Mohana Rao authored a book titled Flora of Guntur City Andhra Pradesh

Published on: 25-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 24 people agreed

The book carries information on 431 flowering plants, shrubs and trees belonging to 76 families of angiosperm and the list have been arranged systematically on the basis of Bentham and Hooker System of Classification.

Editor Unplugged: Media, Magnates, Netas and Me authored by Vinod Mehta

Published on: 13-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 29 people agreed

The author in the book has highlighted the sweeping changes that took place in the print and TV media. He also shared his views on Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Fragile Frontiers: The Secret History of Mumbai Terror Attacks written by SK Rath

Published on: 11-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 19 people agreed

The book was published by Routledge, London and simultaneously published in India and the United States in August 2014.

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