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Elephant Census Report 2015 of Odisha released

Published on: 30-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 2 people agreed

In three Elephant Reserves (ERs), that is, Mayurbhanj, Mahanadi and Sambalpur, a total of 1450 elephants (74.21%) were recorded. These areas have eight sanctuaries.

First species of Yeti Crab in Antarctica named Kiwa tyleri discovered

Published on: 29-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 2 people agreed

Kiwa tyler is named after British deep-sea and polar biologist Professor Paul Tyler from the University of Southampton.

Taygan Lions Park, Skazka Zoo, Thiruvananthapuram Zoo inked animal exchange agreement

Published on: 25-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 15 people agreed

In exchange for three elephants from India, the Thiruvananthapuram zoo will receive two white lions, 15 coatis, two Siberian tigers, two llamas, and five squirrel monkeys.

Bhuvan Ganga Mobile Application launched to aid National Mission for Clean Ganga

Published on: 24-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 5 people agreed

Bhuvan Mobile App will enable public to collect and report information on various pollution sources that affects the water quality of river Ganga.

Typhoon Kujira struck south China's Hainan Province

Published on: 23-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 2 people agreed

The typhoon made its landfall in south China’s Hainan province with heavy rain in the drought hit island.

India, China can protect 1.4 million premature deaths by improving quality of Air: Study

Published on: 18-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 5 people agreed

The study also warned that if air pollution is not controlled or changed than in next 15 years deaths per capita due to air pollution would increase by 20 to 30 percent in these two countries.

Critically endangered Sangai deer found in Manipur’s Loktak Lake to be translocated

Published on: 17-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

Sangai, also known as state animal of Manipur and once found across the Manipur Valley, now lives in Keibul Lamjao National Park (KLNP) situated inside the Loktak Lake.

Dromedary camels are key source of MERS Virus: Study

Published on: 13-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 16 people agreed

The research study was carried out by international team who had looked for evidence of current or past MERS infection in more than 800 dromedary camels or Arabian camels.

Illegal trapping of migratory songbird Yellow-Breasted Bunting leading to its extinction: Stu

Published on: 10-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 3 people agreed

The study claimed that the bird is being hunted to near extinction because of Chinese eating habits.

Denudation in mangrove vegetation of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Published on: 09-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 18 people agreed

Ecosystem of the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary harbours the largest number of saltwater crocodile population in the Indian sub-continent.

NMCG, NYKS signed MoU for involvement of youth in restoring the health of Ganga river

Published on: 09-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

The MoU aims to involve youth in creating awareness and outreaching public by carrying out afforestation drive for medicinal plants species, promoting sanitation and construction of toilets.

Union Government inaugurated Tier-I Oil Spill Response Centre for Mumbai and JNPT Harbour

Published on: 06-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 12 people agreed

The objective behind setting up the centre is to develop appropriate and effective systems for the detection and reporting of oil spillage.

Northern Railway rolled out India’s first rail coach lit by solar panels

Published on: 04-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

This is the first time in the history of Indian Railways, that a solar photovoltaic system has been used for power requirements of light and fan in a broad gauge coach.

Fishing ban of 61 days along the Western Coast became effective except in Kerala

Published on: 03-JUN-2015
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

Instead, the state will to stick to the 47-day ban, as in previous years, and allowed its fishermen to continue operating till June 15.

Himachal Pradesh set up satellite tracking system to check forest fire

Published on: 27-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

The state has also launched an awareness campaign across the state to protect forests from fire in which local people will be involved to detect the fire incidents.

48 tigers in non-protected Chandrapur forest areas of Maharashtra: WCT Survey

Published on: 27-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 3 people agreed

The survey claims that total number of such animals has now increased to 120 in the zone which is home to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR).

2000 year old Water supply system unearthed in Umm Tuba quarter of Israel

Published on: 26-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 3 people agreed

A section of Jerusalem's Lower Aqueduct, which conveyed water to the city more than 2000 years ago, was exposed in the Umm Tuba quarter.

Environmental Democracy Index 2015 released; India at 24th position

Published on: 22-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

India was ranked at 24th position out of 70 countries in the first Environmental Democracy Index that is topped by Lithuania at the first position.

Blue whales spotted for the 1st time in 100 years off Sindhudurg coast in Maharashtra

Published on: 22-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 5 people agreed

The two Blue Whales (mother-calf pair) were spotted near Kunkeshwar off the Sindhudurg coast in Maharashtra after 1914, as per recorded data.

Ecologists found a new species of fish called Pethia striata in Western Ghats, Karnataka

Published on: 21-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 7 people agreed

The discovery of the new species was published in the journal of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

Maria Elena South, driest place on earth, discovered in Atacama Desert

Published on: 20-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

Maria Elena South (MES) is dry as Mars and has a mean atmospheric relative humidity (RH) of 17.3 percent. It has a soil RH of a constant 14 percent at a depth of one meter.

New Catfish Species Glyptothorax Senapatiensis discovered in Manipur

Published on: 19-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

The discovery was published in the research paper titled Glyptothorax senapatiensis, a new species of catfish from Manipur, India.

Opah, the world’s first fully warm-blooded fish species, discovered by researchers

Published on: 16-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 19 people agreed

The Opah fish has developed an internal heat exchange system within its gills to conserve the warmth and it raises its temperature by flapping its fins.

IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted environmental section of Polar Code

Published on: 16-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 12 people agreed

The provisions are related to discharges of ships operating in the Waters surrounding the two poles.

Indian Scientists found a rare plant with anti-cancer properties in Western Ghats

Published on: 15-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

The plant is a small climbing shrub producing anti-cancer alkaloid Camptothecine (CPT).

Union Cabinet Approved Namami Gange programme under National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA)

Published on: 14-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

It tries to integrate the efforts to clean and protect the Ganga river in a comprehensive manner with an outlay of 20000 crore rupees over a period of five years.

Asiatic lion population in Gir sanctuary increased to 523: Lion Census report 2015

Published on: 12-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 7 people agreed

This 14th lion census registered 27 percent increase in the number of Asiatic lions compared to 2010 census which had registered 411 Asiatic lions.

NGT imposed monthly tax on all households in Delhi

Published on: 09-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

The decision was made by the NGT bench headed by its chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar on a petition of environmental activist, Manoj Misra against severe pollution in Yamuna River.

India home to 48 of the 250 known species of bumblebees: Indian Bumblebees

Published on: 04-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

They are crucial for the very sustenance of vegetation in high-altitude regions of Himalayas because they are the only pollinators which can live in that adverse climate.

Global warming will lead to extinction of 1 in 6 species by end of century: Study

Published on: 02-MAY-2015
Important for Exam: 35 people agreed

Global extinction risks will increase from 2.8 percent at present to 5.2 percent at the international policy target of a 2°C post-industrial rise and thus there is urgent need to take strong action to limit further climate change.

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