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Scientists discovered quasar SDSS J0 100+2802 with central black hole mass of 12 billion solar mass

Published on: 26-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 15 people agreed

The findings were published in the journal Nature on 26 February 2015 and Prof. Xue-Bing Wu at Peking University is the lead author of the study.

WHO approved ReEBOV Antigen rapid test kit to identify Ebola-infected patients

Published on: 23-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 56 people agreed

The key feature of the rapid test kit is that it can correctly distinguish Ebola infected patients from non-Ebola infected patients within 15 minutes

Researchers combined solar telescope with Laser Frequency Comb to search for Earth-like planets

Published on: 20-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 18 people agreed

The study was led by Rafael Probst, a doctoral candidate at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany.

Researchers found new 3D vaccine for cancer and infectious diseases

Published on: 14-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 50 people agreed

The vaccine is able to self-assemble into a 3D structure and manipulate immune cells, teaching them to attack cancer as well as infectious disease.

Earth's inner core has an inner core of its own: Study

Published on: 11-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 36 people agreed

The findings of the study titled Equatorial anisotropy in the inner part of Earth’s inner core from autocorrelation of earthquake coda were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured the rare triple-moon conjunction

Published on: 10-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 24 people agreed

The three largest moons of Jupiter namely Europa, Callisto, and Io were captured by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 while racing across the banded face of the gas-giant planet. This was a rare occurrence, as the event occurs once or twice in a decade.

British House of Commons voted to allow creation of babies with DNA from three people

Published on: 04-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 35 people agreed

The controversial mitochondria donation procedure includes receiving of a small amount of healthy so-called Mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) from woman donor into the usual nuclear DNA from its mother and father.

India successfully test-fired canister-based ICBM Agni-5 missile

Published on: 02-FEB-2015
Important for Exam: 138 people agreed

India test-fired the maiden canister-based most potent missile Agni-V with a strike range over 5000 kilometers. It is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of over one tonne.

Churches in England opposed Mitochondria Donation Technique to produce babies

Published on: 31-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

The British government was urged to block the technique of creation of babies from three people by Churches of England. The technique involves addition of a donor woman's mitochondria to another woman's egg.

Doctors sucessfully performed the first organ transplant on a newborn baby in Britain

Published on: 21-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 57 people agreed

News of the operation has been revealed in an article in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood in the third week of January 2015. This case has set a milestone in the care of newborns in the Britain.

Scientists discovered hybrid insecticide-resistant mosquito in Mali

Published on: 15-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 26 people agreed

A team of researchers led by Gregory Lanzaro have discovered a super mosquito hybrid in the West African country of Mali that is resistant to insecticide-treated bed nets.

Chinese scientists published first genetic map of Tibetan Highland Barley

Published on: 14-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 15 people agreed

The research by Chinese scientists assembled 3.89 billion of the estimated 4.5 billion base pairs of the chemicals that make up DNA in the barley genome, and included 39197 protein coding genes.

Teixobactin, a new antibiotic discovered

Published on: 09-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 30 people agreed

Scientists from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts discovered a new antibiotic named Teixobactin capable of fighting infections that kill hundreds of thousands of people each year.

NASA Kepler Space Telescope made 1000th Exoplanet Discovery

Published on: 08-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 32 people agreed

Using Kepler data, scientists reached this millenary milestone after validating that eight more candidates spotted by the planet-hunting telescope are, in fact, planets.

Whole plant therapy can beat malaria parasites' drug resistance: Study

Published on: 07-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 14 people agreed

Researcher said that the new treatment is based on a use of the whole plant (WP) Artemesia annua, from which the current pharmaceutical drug artemisinin (AN) is extracted.

Union Cabinet approved to set up India-based Neutrino Observatory in TN

Published on: 06-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 33 people agreed

Union Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved to set up the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) in Tamil Nadu.

Project LettuceOnMars: To grow lettuce on Mars in 2018

Published on: 05-JAN-2015
Important for Exam: 38 people agreed

Scientists at University of Southampton has planned to grow first life on Mars under project Lettuce on Mars.

New half-light half-matter quantum particles created

Published on: 31-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 47 people agreed

A team of researchers led by Professor Menon created half-light, half-matter particles in atomically thin semiconductors made of a 2D layer of molybdenum and sulfur atoms.

HIV can reduce hearing ability of the adults: Study

Published on: 30-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

A new study showed that the individuals who have contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus can experience poorer hearing than those without HIV infection.

LSU Researchers discovered new method to convert Carbon Dioxide into Organic Compound

Published on: 29-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 27 people agreed

The researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) discovered a new method to convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into an Organic Compound.

World’s smallest hearing aid named Nanoplug developed

Published on: 26-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 19 people agreed

The world's smallest hearing aid named Nanoplug was developed by an international team of researchers including Nevena Zivic, Jongha Lee, Mladen Stavri and Zoran Marinovi.

Union Ministry of Science and Technology launched SMS-based cyclone warning system

Published on: 26-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 27 people agreed

Union Ministry of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences on 25 December 2014 launched an SMS-based warning system which will provide alerts on cyclones.

NASA developing gecko grippers to grab space debris

Published on: 24-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 12 people agreed

Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are developing gecko grippers to grab space debris. Gecko gripper is basically an adhesive gripping tool.

STAP technique: A unique cellular reprogramming phenomenon

Published on: 23-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

STAP technique is a unique cellular reprogramming phenomenon was in news due to Stem cell scientist of Japan Haruko Obokata resigned.

European space mission Rosetta named as Breakthrough of the Year 2014 by Science journal

Published on: 23-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 15 people agreed

The European space mission Rosetta was on 19 December 2014 named as the most important scientific Breakthrough of the Year 2014 by Science journal.

DRDO successfully tested an indigenous 1000 kg glide bomb

Published on: 20-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 54 people agreed

India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on 19 December 2014 successfully tested an indigenously built 1000 kg glide bomb.

Lens-free on-chip Microscope developed to image pathology samples

Published on: 19-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

The Lens-free on-chip Microscope developed by the researchers can be used for the wide-field computational imaging of pathology samples.

ISRO successfully launched GSLV Mark-III-X from Sriharikota

Published on: 18-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 89 people agreed

India’s heaviest GSLV Mark-III rocket and the human crew module successfully test-fired by ISRO.

China developed invisible pain beam weapon Poly WB-1 to break-up riots

Published on: 18-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 27 people agreed

Non-lethal Pain Beam weapon named Poly WB-1 unveiled at an air show in China to disperse riots and protests by using millimeter-wave beams

Old laptop batteries could power slums in developing countries: IBM India Study

Published on: 08-DEC-2014
Important for Exam: 21 people agreed

A new IBM India study showed that old laptop batteries could power slums in developing countries like India. The concept was tested in the Indian city Bangalore in 2014.

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