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NASA to launch its new rocket Space Launch System carrying 13 CubeSats in 2018

Published on: 08-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 2 people agreed

SLS’ first flight, referred to as Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1), will provide the rare opportunity for these small experiments to reach deep space destinations.

First machine harvestable chickpea variety NbeG 47 released

Published on: 08-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 3 people agreed

The normal process of harvesting 2.25 tons of chickpea takes three days while the new variety will be harvested in just 75 minutes by the standard machinery.

NASA’s New Horizons mission spotted floating hills on Pluto

Published on: 05-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

As the nitrogen-dominated ice is dense than water ice, it is believed that newly found water ice hills are floating in a sea of frozen nitrogen and resembles icebergs in Earth’s Arctic Ocean.

Bharat Biotech unveiled first vaccine candidate Zikavac for Zika Virus

Published on: 04-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

One of the possible vaccines is recombinant, which means it is created by genetic engineering, while the other was inactivated, and will enter pre-clinical trials in animals in two weeks.

India's first Ayurvedic anti-diabetic drug, BGR-34, launched by CSIR

Published on: 04-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 20 people agreed

BGR-34 is designed for type 2 Diabetes mellitus, has been scientifically validated for its efficacy and safety.

Union Government to set up a BGRL to understand earthquake mechanism in Koyna region

Published on: 03-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

BGRL is being developed to understand and address the challenges of the seismological problems of societal relevance in the Koyna Region through drilling investigation.

UK granted licence to use gene editing techniques on human embryos

Published on: 02-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

With this issuance of license, the UK became one of the first countries in the world to give authorization for experimentation on human embryos.

WHO declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern over Zika virus outbreak

Published on: 02-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus, transmitted by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. aegypti.

India, NASA to study Ladakh region under Spaceward Bound programme

Published on: 01-FEB-2016
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

Ladakh was chosen as it offers a cold, high altitude, high UV exposed, dry ecosystem with Mars analogue topological features.

Japan unveiled first stealth fighter aircraft X-2

Published on: 30-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 12 people agreed

The domestically-built fighter aircraft seeks to augment defence capabilities of the country that is surrounded by China and Russia that already have radar-evading aircraft technology.

Widest Planet System comprising of lonely planet 2MASS J2126 and its distant star TYC 9486-927-1 discovered

Published on: 28-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

The planet 2MASS J2126 is about 1 trillion (1 million million) kilometres from its parent star, or about 7000 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Intelsat 29e, the first of Intelsat EpicNG Satellites, launched into Orbit

Published on: 28-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 9 people agreed

Intelsat 29e will bring high throughput capacity in both C- and Ku-band to North and Latin America and the North Atlantic region.

Indian Bureau of Mines, National Remote Sensing Centre signed MoU for monitoring mining activity

Published on: 22-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 6 people agreed

The MoU helps in the sustainable development and responsible use of precious mineral resources and also checking illegal mining activities by licensee.

BSE launched Algorithm Trading Test Environment in partnership with Symphony Fintech Solutions

Published on: 22-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

As per SEBI’s Broad Guidelines on Algorithmic Trading, released in March 2012, algorithmic trading is defined as any order that is generated using automated execution logic.

Scientists of California spotted the potential Planet 9

Published on: 22-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

The Planet is surrounded by much brighter lights even the distant Pluto could be about 10000 times brighter. So, they opined that the planet might have made its way out to the edge of the solar system when it was thrown out there by the gravity of Jupiter or Saturn.

Japanese astronomers discovered second largest black hole in Milky Way

Published on: 21-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 16 people agreed

They mapped high-velocity compact cloud called CO-0.40-0.22 with a mass 100000 times that of the Sun around 200 light years away from the centre of the Milky Way.

NASA formalised Planetary Defense Coordination Office to detect and track Near-Earth Objects

Published on: 21-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

It will supervise all NASA-funded projects to find and characterize asteroids and comets that pass near the orbit of the Earth around the sun.

PSLV-C31 successfully launched IRNSS-1E satellite

Published on: 20-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 38 people agreed

The Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS) 1-E satellite is the fifth of the seven-satellite constellation IRNSS.

First infected case of mosquito-borne Zinka virus recorded in the US

Published on: 18-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

A mosquito-borne virus called Zinka was in news in the third week of January 2016. It was found that the virus is spreading rapidly through the American continent.

NASA launched SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket with Jason-3 Ocean-monitoring satellite

Published on: 18-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 4 people agreed

The satellite will examine the topography of the ocean floor to help study effects of climate change or human-induced changes on the ocean.

NHAI signed MoU with ISRO and NECTAR to use spatial technology for monitoring National Highways

Published on: 14-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 7 people agreed

NHAI will use spatial technology to prepare Detailed Project Report (DPR), find prefeasibility status in new alignment, upgrade or road widening, monitoring of road segments which provide inputs in highway and infrastructure projects.

Indian-American professor developed Galacto-Seismic method to hunt Dark Matter

Published on: 13-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 8 people agreed

Sukanya Chakrabarti and team submitted their findings to the Astrophysical Journal Letters and presented their findings in a press conference.

CIRB became India's second centre to produce a cloned buffalo

Published on: 12-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

With this achievement, CIRB became world’s third and India’s second institute to produce cloned buffalo.

IUPAC announced addition of Four Elements to complete Seventh row of Periodic Table

Published on: 05-JAN-2016
Important for Exam: 26 people agreed

The decision was taken by the IUPAC as the four elements met the discovery of elements of the IUPAP/IUPAC Transfermium Working Group (TWG) 1991 Discovery Criteria.

Union Government unveiled National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2015-2020

Published on: 31-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 13 people agreed

The strategy intends to launch a major mission, backed with significant investments, for the creation of new biotech products and create a strong infrastructure for research and development.

China launched Gaofen-4 dual-use geostationary satellite

Published on: 29-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 11 people agreed

Launched as a part of the China High-resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS), Gaofen-4 is located at the orbit 36000 kilometres away from the earth.

Pandorum Technologies developed India’s first Artificial Liver Tissue using 3D printing

Published on: 23-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 14 people agreed

The artificial liver tissue performs critical functions of a human liver including, metabolism, secretion of biochemicals such as cholesterol and albumin and detoxification.

China launched DAMPE satellite to shed light on mysterious dark matter

Published on: 22-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 10 people agreed

The satellite was nicknamed "Wukong" after the Monkey King with penetrating eyes in the Chinese classical fiction Journey to the West.

SpaceX successfully launched and landed Falcon 9 rocket

Published on: 22-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

The launch of Falcon 9 rocket will also act as a test flight of a booster rocket return-and-landing system.

ISRO’ PSLV-C29 successfully launched 6 Singapore satellites into space

Published on: 16-DEC-2015
Important for Exam: 17 people agreed

The satellites were launched using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C29 from the first launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) at Sriharikotta in Andhra Pradesh.

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