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Buddhist Mudras, Hand Gestures and Meaning

Feb 8, 2017

The symbolic gestures (Mudras) through iconography of Buddha image to evoke particular ideas during Buddhist meditation or rituals. In Indian sculptural art, images are the symbolic representations of divinity whose origin and end is expressed through the religious and spiritual beliefs.

Top 10 most famous Martial Arts in India

Jul 2, 2016

India is a land of diverse culture and ethnicities and so is famous for its martial arts that have developed since ancient times. Nowadays these art forms are used in rituals, celebrations, in sports, means of physical fitness, as a self defence but earlier it is used for warfare. Many of the Arts are related to dance, Yoga etc.

What Makes the Gol Gumbaz Astonishing?

May 18, 2016

Gol Gumbaz, the tomb of Mohammed Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur, is located in Bijapur, Karnataka. The name means 'circular dome', and the tomb indeed has one of the biggest domes in India, with a diameter of 44 metres. It was completed in 1656 and its architect was Yaqut of Dabul. The amazing feature of this dome is that it stands unsupported by pillars. The dome houses the tombs of Muhammad Adil Shah, his two wives, his mistress, his daughter and grandson.

Why was the Gateway of India Constructed?

May 18, 2016

In 1911 King George V and queen Mary visited Delhi so to commemorate the arrival of their king, the Britishers decided to make a gateway of India.   The chief architect of this gateway was George Wittet. Its construction was completed in 1911.  The gateway was opened on 4th December 1924, by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading. Its central dome is 15 metres in diameter, and touches the height of 26 metres above the ground.

Why is Jal Mahal Unique: 10 Facts at a Glance?

May 17, 2016

The words 'Jal Mahal' mean ‘water palace' and the Jal Mahal Palace in Jaipur is just that. It was built in the 1750 by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber, right in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. It is made of red sandstone.  This is a splendid combination of the Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture. It is a five storey building, when the lake is full out of water its four storeys are dipped under water, and only the top floor is visible.

Why is the Lotus Temple Unforgettable?

May 13, 2016

The Lotus Temple in New Delhi is a temple belonging to the Bahai sect. Bahaism is recognized as a combination of the nine great religions of the world and traces its genesis to the prophet Bahaullah. The temple is built in the shape of a floating half open lotus set amidst pools and gardens. This temple has no idols of any God. The Lotus Temple is the only Bahai temple of worship in Asia. It attracts about 4.5 million visitors in a year.

Why is the Golconda Fort special?

May 11, 2016

This fort is located near Hyderabad, the capital city of capital of Telangaga. The fort dates back to 1143, when it was built by the Qutb shahi dynasty. The historic Golconda Fort derives its name from a Telugu word ‘Golla Konda’ which means Shepherd’s. Initially it was a mud fort but later on transformed into granite one during the Qutb shahi dynasty.

Why Ajanta Caves are so Popular: Twenty Facts at a Glance

Apr 28, 2016

The Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which constructed from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CE. These paintings are magnum opus of Buddhist religious art, with figures of the Buddha and depictions of the Jataka tales (stories related to the life Lord Buddha). The Ajanta Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

Symbols of Christmas: blast of celebration

Dec 24, 2015

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveller back to his own fireside and quiet home!" . Whenever we have thought in back of the mind about the Christmas, we get clear picture of decoration of Christmas, melodies of Christmas Carol, Candles, Santa Claus, and Christmas tree and have a blast of celebration. But we never think why it became reason of celebration.

10 Facts about Diwali

Sep 30, 2014

Diwali, the major Hindu festival is around the corner and the ambience is full of excitement.

Diwali: The festival of Lights

Sep 30, 2014

Diwali is the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It is regarded as the festival of lights which illumines the nation with its radiance, and dazzles all with its delight.

Dussehra – victory of good over evil

Sep 24, 2014

India is acknowledged as a land of festivals & celebrations. Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami. There is a spirit of brotherhood seen during festival seasons.

Holi: The Festival of Life

Mar 13, 2014

Entire country wears a cheerful look when it is time for Holi festivity. Market places get abuzz with bustles as frenzied shoppers start making provisions for the festival.

Republic Day: Journey of Indian Republic

Jan 23, 2014

We know India became Independent from British rule on 15th August 1947 and adopted Constitution on 26 January, 1950 by declaring ourselves as Sovereign, Democratic and Republic State. This article deals with the the history, origin & background of Indian Republic Day.

Republic Day 2014: Awardees Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards

Jan 22, 2014

India’s President has approved the conferment of Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards 2013 on the following mentioned persons. Let us have a look.

Republic Day 2014: Awardees of National Bravery Awards

Jan 22, 2014

Soldiers, who have acted upon exceptional deeds of bravery & selfless sacrifice, are honored the bravery medals, Vir Chakra, Param Vir Chakra & Maha Vir Chakra.

Republic Day 2014: Changes after India became Republic

Jan 22, 2014

On January 26th, 1950 India turned out to be a democratic republic with a Prime Minister, President and council of ministers. Lets have a look on th changes after India became Republic.

Republic Day 2014

Jan 21, 2014

Republic Day is celebrated with much passion all over India and particularly in the capital, New Delhi where the merriment starts with the Presidential to the nation.


Jan 14, 2014

Pongal is the harvest festival mainly celebrated by the Tamil people at the end of harvest season. Pongal is a 4 - day festival.

Makar Sankranti

Jan 13, 2014

Makar Sankranti is one of the most propitious days for Hindus, and is distinguished in almost all parts of India in countless cultural forms, with immense devotion, gaiety and fervor.

Bharat Ratna Award: Interesting Facts

Nov 25, 2013

Bharat Ratna is the most prominent award given by the Government of India. Anyone with an immense performance in any field is entitled for this admiration.

Bharat Ratna: History

Nov 25, 2013

The array to institute the Bharat Ratna award was given by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s President, on January 2, 1955.

Bharat Ratna Award: List of recipients

Nov 20, 2013

Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian Award of India. It was instituted in 1954. List of recipients of Bharat Ratna are mentioned in the following table.

Bharat Ratna: India's Highest Civilian Award

Nov 20, 2013

The terms of Bharat Ratna was initiated in the year 1954. Since that time, many bigwigs, each a whiz in diverse facets of their career has acknowledged this popular award.

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Film Studios

Oct 28, 2013

Lets have a look on some of the Film entertainment, distribution and production companies of Indian Film Industry.

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Famous Cinematographers

Oct 26, 2013

A cinematographer is the person in command over the camera crews working on a movie. Lets have a look on some notable Cinematographers in India.

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Music Composers

Oct 24, 2013

Indian movie music lovers have always cherished and commended the recurring evergreen portions of music of the grand masters. Lets have a look on some notable music composers.

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Indian Script Writers

Oct 22, 2013

Here is a mark of respect to some of the scriptwriters who have made recognition for themselves for their momentous involvement in Indian films.

100 Years of Indian Cinema

Oct 19, 2013

Even as we rejoice our exceptional distinctiveness in cinema and gaze forward, it is imperative to respect the past that fetched us to to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema.

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Film Makers

Oct 17, 2013

Let us have a look on the list of the paramount film makers of Indian cinema who have surpassed in Bollywood.These are remarkably artistic film makers.

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