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Books And Authors : Starting with I ( 21 - 40)

Created on : 2012-09-26
General Knowledge Category: Art & Culture, Books and Author

S.No. Book Author
 1  India is for Sale  Chitra Subramaniam
 2  In Search of Identity  Anwar el-Sadat
 3  In Retrospect-The Tragedy
and Lessons of Vietnam
 Robert S. McNamara
 4  In the Bluest Eye  Toni Morrison
 5  In the Light of the Black Sun  Rohit Manchanda
 6  In Evil Hour  Gabriel Garcia Marquez
 7  In Confidence  Anatolyu Dobrynin
 8  In Afghanistan’s Shadow  Salig S. Harrison
 9  Idols  Sunil Gavaskar
 10  If I am Assassinated  Z.A. Bhutto
 11  Imperial Woman  Pearl S. Buck
 12  Iron in the Soul  Jean Paul Sartre
 13  Ironhand  J.W. Von Goethe
 14  India Divided  Rajendra Prasad
 15  India Changes  Taya Zinkin
 16  Indian Mansions  Sarah Tiloston
 17  Indian Arms Bazaar  Maj-Gen, Pratap Narain
 18  India, the Critial Years  Kuldip Nayar
 19  Indo-Pakistan Conflict  Russen Brines
 20  Indira Gandhi’s Emergence and Style  Nayantara Sehgal

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