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Indian States That Have a Bicameral Legislature

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List of Indian States That Have a Bicameral Legislature.

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The following is a list of Indian States that have a Bicameral Legislature.




S.No. States Legislature
1 Bihar Bicameral
2 Jammu & Kashmir Bicameral
3 Karnataka Bicameral
4 Maharashtra Bicameral
5 Uttar Pradesh Bicameral



By:revathi reddy | On:23-MAR-2014 19:04:20

is assam a bicameral... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vidhan_Parishad

By:Abhishek Chauhan | On:16-FEB-2014 22:18:17

Earlier there were 7 states including TN & AP but then legislature of these two states abolished legislative councils. Bt again parliament has passed the legislative act in AP in 2005 and in 2007 leg. Council has been set up in AP. So total 6 states are there now. And in TN also parliament has passed the same act in 2010 so in coming days it will also have bicameral legislature. And Tn will be 7th state with bicameral legislature.

By:Suresh | On:14-FEB-2014 10:58:30

Andhra Pradesh is too having Bicameral System

By:somyajain | On:26-DEC-2013 14:48:23

i like this site it gives us latest knowledge

By:krishna kanth | On:26-NOV-2013 13:05:17

There are 7 bicameral states...... but here it is given only 5!!!!!

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