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Indian States That Have a Bicameral Legislature

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List of Indian States That Have a Bicameral Legislature.

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The following is a list of Indian States that have a Bicameral Legislature.




S.No. States Legislature
1 Bihar Bicameral
2 Jammu & Kashmir Bicameral
3 Karnataka Bicameral
4 Maharashtra Bicameral
5 Uttar Pradesh Bicameral



By:Himanshu | On:01-AUG-2014 09:58:20

Andhra and Telangana also have bicameral legilature.

By:Kiru | On:12-JUL-2014 11:42:48

thnkx i got the answer

By:LILESWAR SAHU | On:08-JUN-2014 18:28:29

Plz send ias pre.exam question & answer

By:shruti dhingra | On:16-MAY-2014 01:42:50

Bicameral states in India are 6, Andhra Pradesh is also included in the above list

By:Nagalingam M | On:09-MAY-2014 18:50:28

only six Indian States that have a Bicameral Legislature. 1.uttarpradesh, 2.maharastra, 3. bihar, 4.karnataka, 5.jammu&kashmir, 6.andhra Pradesh Except. Tamil Nadu (approval bending)

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