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Indian States That Have a Unicameral Legislature

Created on : 2011-04-16
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List of States That Have a Unicameral Legislature.

Category:  General Knowledge

The following is a list of Indian States that have a Unicameral Legislature.


S.No. States Legislature
1 Andhra Pradesh Unicameral
2 Arunachal Pradesh Unicameral
3 Assam Unicameral
4 Chhatisgarh Unicameral
5 Goa Unicameral
6 Gujarat Unicameral
7 Haryana Unicameral
8 Himachal Pradesh Unicameral
9 Jharkhand Unicameral
10 Kerala Unicameral
11 Madhya Pradesh Unicameral
12 Manipur Unicameral
13 Meghalaya Unicameral
14 Mizoram Unicameral
15 Nagaland Unicameral
16 Orissa Unicameral
17 Punjab Unicameral
18 Rajasthan Unicameral
19 Sikkim Unicameral
20 Tamil Nadu Unicameral
21 Uttarakhand Unicameral
22 West Bengal Unicameral

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5 Comment

kashi rajan,

Andra pradesh is having bicameral legislature


Uttar Pradesh Bicameral 404 + 108 Maharashtra Bicameral 289 + 78 Bihar Bicameral 243 + 75 Karnataka Bicameral 224 + 75 Jammu and Kashmir Bicameral 89 + 36 Andhra Pradesh Bicameral 294 + 90


Andhra Pradesh is having Bicameral legislature.......

kshitij garg,

andhra is a bicameral or unicameral?

hk sharma,

tripura also has unicameral lagislature

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