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Indian States That Have The Highest Number of Lok Sabha Seats

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List of Indian States That Have The Highest Number of Lok Sabha Seats.

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The following is a list of the Indian States that have the Highest Number of Lok Sabha Seats. Uttar Pradesh tops the list followed by Maharashtra and West Bengal respectively.




S.No. States Lok Sabha Seats
1 Uttar Pradesh 80
2 Maharashtra 48
3 West Bengal 42
4 Andhra Pradesh 42
5 Tamil Nadu 39

By:Knowledge Mahn | On:01-MAR-2015 17:22:39

Please update it, k?? Simply posting stuff. W/out any sense....

By:studentira | On:26-OCT-2014 12:08:06

thank you it helped me for my worksheet

By:rohan | On:30-APR-2014 20:19:31

Please verify your facts. The 5th position is Bihar with 40 Lok sabha seats.

By:Sunil | On:20-JAN-2014 17:08:48

Bihar has 40seats in Lok Sabha . So it should be in 5th position and not TN .

By:ASIS KUMAR SUR | On:30-NOV-2013 23:42:08

very nice

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