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Created on : 2010-12-15
General Knowledge Category: States of India, India: An Overview

Governor : Gurbachan Jagat
 Chief Minister:Okram Ibobi Singh
 Lok Sabha seats:1
 Judicature:Guwahati High Court
 Population density:107/sq km
 No. of districts:9
 Main crops:Rice, maize
 Rivers:Manipur, Barak
 Industries:Steel, cement

Manipur can be divided into two distinct physical regionsthe outlying area of rugged hills and narrow valleys, and the inner area of flat plains. The Loktak Lake is an important geographic feature of the central plain area. The total area occupied by all the lakes is about 600 sq. km. The highest point of the state is the Iso Peak near Mao (2,994m).

Manipur has a long and glorious history from beginning of the Christian era. The recorded history of kingship started from 22 AD, which marked the coronation of Pakhangba. After Pakhangba, a series of kings ruled over the kingdom of Manipur. The independence and sovereignty of Manipur remained uninterrupted until the Burmese invaded and occupied it for seven years in the first quarter of the 19th century ( 1819-25). Then came British Paramountcy in 1891. In 1949 Manipur became a Union territory administered by a chief commissioner and an elected territorial council.


 1891 - British Paramountcy in 1891

 1949 - Manipur became a Union territory

 19 December 1969 - Status of Chief Commissioner was raised to the status of the Lt. Governor

 21 January 1972 - attained full-fledged statehood

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