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Top 10: Most Densely Populated States In India

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Top Ten Lists:  Top Ten List of the Most Densely Populated States in India.

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The following is a list of the Top Ten Most Densely Populated States of India. Bihar tops the list followed by West Bengal & Kerala.


S.No. States Population Density per sqaure km
Bihar 1,102.4
West Bengal 1,029.2
3 Kerala 859.1
Uttar Pradesh 689
Haryana 573.4
6 Tamil Nadu 554.7
7 Punjab 550.1
Jharkhand 441.5
Goa 393.8

By:Rohit | On:13-JUL-2015 17:26:44

Not only Bihar every person is response for this

By:santhosh | On:10-JUN-2015 20:20:01

This app is very useful.......

By:Kaushal Yadav | On:30-MAY-2015 15:29:02

government should do some movement to control the rising population....

By:Saroj Kumar | On:29-MAR-2015 07:00:29

We always help other in our life

By:I dont wanna deal with you | On:15-FEB-2015 22:22:57

You are misleading the people , Bihar ,Are you fucking serious?and Up is on 4th something must be really wrong with your IQ UP is the most populated state Every time a guy gets an erection it is that rape is conducted on an innocent woman which leads to unwanted pregnancy and unwanted liabilities of children

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